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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Global Warming Scam Indicted at the Paris-Site

Some first clips of new film “Climate Hustle” air on Fox News

While some 40,000 climate advocates are in Paris to try to reach some sort of agreement on wealth redistribution in the name of stopping climate change, there is a small contingent of climate skeptics, including people from the Heartland Institute and CFACT. Marc Morano of Climate depot is about to unveil a film “Climate Hustle” (which I’m also in) that looks to dial back some of the hype by showing the history of the claims and how they keep changing.
CFACT writes via a short email press release:
Watch Sean Hannity feature the first clips of CFACT’s ground-breaking new film “Climate Hustle.”  Warm, cold, more snow, less snow, dry, wet, you name it, the global warming crowd attributes it to “climate change.”  They’ve gotten away with this double talk long enough.  It’s time to take them down.

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