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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Nature Bats Last, Pacific Ocean Bats After Nature

The GMI world is going bat shit crazy.

But this site clarifies some of it.     Nature Bats Last.

Check it out


  1. at Porter Ranch where the massive gas leak is going on (CA) ...

    1. Seems like they are effing up in more ways than one

    2. Greetings & salutations, sir.

      Sep 6, 2012 -->

      Quote: "Food & Water Watch observed that “while fracking itself can cause earthquakes, they are smaller and less frequently felt than earthquakes produced from underground injection control wells.”"
      ... "Still, as Geological Survey of Canada seismologist John Cassidy told The Globe and Mail, “more and bigger” earthquakes triggered by gas extraction could be on the horizon."
      . from:

      Recently, there were earthquakes in San Bernadino & near Victoria, BC that loco MSM stated "were not linked", though they did occur on the same date.

      Whether or not the earthquakes were linked to each other, or even to the sudden gas expulsion, one does wonder what the history of earthquakes are around Porter Ranch (etc) compared to gas (temporary) storage injection (& oops) activity.

      The FAIL army just won't stop.

      Humanities tombstone (coincidentally same as Lemmy of Motörhead): Killed By Death

      "Killed By Lemmium?" Not likely, as the following article explains.


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