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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Paris-Site Climate Conference Ongoing, The New Face of the New World Order

Folks, quick thoughts here.

The Paris-site Climate Convention is underway.   

In lieu of rolling out the scary sounding "new world order" the Rothchilds and Bilderbergs have decided that control of all world energy sources and distribution via a "climate agreement" and control of all buying and selling of all products including food, via a "trade agreement" is a more workable substitute for any central government new world order.

Got it?    Global warming, sure it would happen, but has been stalled for 19 years.    Will the El Nino give this year a kick, probably.   

Is man-made "global warming" really a problem?   Is CO2 really a problem.   

Can anyone accurately predict the amount of CO2 coming from volcanoes, including undersea volcanoes?

CO2 is partly an "indicator" gas.   It can indicate that other actual toxins are present as created by fossil burning.    But CO2 itself is not a "toxin", in fact it is very necessary to life and plant growth.

Has it been higher in the past, for sure, even at times when the planet was cooler.   At some level, can it function as a global insulator?   Catching sun energy as it comes in, and radiating half of that caught energy into space?   

Are you aware of all the lies you are being bombarded with?    Do you ever look at actual data?    Or do you use opinions to reinforce your existing opinion?

Do you say take the red pill, but have you really?

The Paris-Site climate convention, including the Popes trip to USA should be viewed with deep suspicion.   
Comments appreciated.

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