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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pilgrim Nuclear Needs to BE Shut Down

stock here---this plant is dangerous, it also leaks radiation like a sieve.

Pilgrim needs to go.   Any regulator worth it's own salt would shut this site down immediately.  Don't even let it finish it's burn cycle.

Here is the coup de grace for Pilgrim.....
from the NRC blog

steamshovel2002 November 6, 2015 at 2:13 pm
The black swan event is Pilgrim’s part 21 SRV bellows failure. The insanity is we assume it would leak before failure. The only reason a warning of a bellows failure in the control room is through the lessons we learned in TMI. Remember their PORV valve only showed if the solenoid was energized or not? It showed nothing if the valve was open or not. If the operators in the control room had direct indication of PORV valve flow, TMI wouldn’t have happened. Not getting a leak warning before failure such as in Pilgrim’s SRV part 21 bellows failure and the undiscoverable massive inop SRV setpoint tech specs inaccuracies in Fitz reminds me of the blindness with poorly instrumented up PORV valves just prior to TMI.
Here in the Pilgrim’s part 21 the bellows failed without any warning. The bellows hi pressure warning. This guy was run for a full cycle in the plant. They removed it and sent it to a testing facility. Up at pressure on the stand or bringing to pressure they heard a pop. It was a bellows failure.
I am here to tell you the quality and reliability safety component is extraordinary important in a nuclear plant. The quality of the information the control room has on the condition of components and plant processes in extraordinary important.
Don’t even get me talking about gunslinger engineers who will tell anything you want for money?


  1. After TMI all PWR porvs were backfit with indicators that would monitor for isenthalpic expansion a sign of leaky. We as STAs shift technical advisors, would have to conduct independent surveillance on the indicators as required. People that never worked in an operating nuclear plant only know from what they read in the media. BTW Gundersen was never an STA. He never had to do operations and qualify on hundreds of integrated systems and controls. Thats why I knew you were bs-ing about prompt mod cri t from the get go. Cmon I've been dogging you from the beginning. Surely some of my extensive nuclear engineering experience and education must have rubbed off on you. JSN hitting the road soon. I got more radiation from flying in 2015 than the last 20 years working in nuclear.

  2. Pilgrim is fine. You're sounding like a raving lunatic. Why dont you understand that these plants were designed for double their 40 year license period. Its a good thing O&M and the many good people behind operating the plant. You cant live your life like the hammer is going to drop any minute. You can either look at life as the glass is half empty or half full. Most antinukes I have come across have no real practical workable solutions to the world issues facing humanity. They parrot "no nukes" as their religion thinking that's the one thing that the world needs yet the world is moving past them. COP21 showed the world that the REAL issue is complicated for various parts of the world where overpopulation and energy increases are at a nexus. These areas of the world are in need of very large, very dependable electricity that can be selivered to millions reliably at a flip of a switch. Its one thing to cry the world is going to shit after Fukushima but really, it isnt. 40 years after TMI we all know nothing came of all those "projected deaths"
    The cancer rates of TMI unit 1 workers is actually less than the general population. Epidemiology is fickle and tweaking numbers by antinuclear scientists doesnt change the facts. Nuclear is very safe, even with the historic accidents.

    You should visit India or China and then you will understand.


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