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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Snowstorm at WIPP Nuke Dump Shuts Down Electrical System, Causes Massive Radiation Release, and Kills a Man

Massive spike on the 27th using the EPA data for Carlsbad.

Then a death the night of the 27th.
UPDATE---5 days after the death, his name was finally released.   Any suspected cause of death was not released.

I hypothesize that the big snow storm shorted out their electrical primary substation, which stopped the ventilation fans from pulling contaminated air through the HEPA filters, which resulted in a massive release of radiation.

This contributed to the death of the worker from WIPP

The data all fit.     Now let some pro-nuker try to disprove my hypothesis.

from ENE - freebywill ,<+120,000 for "sadnet">

Carlsbad sadnet data shows a large spike on Dec 26 all gamma ranges.
Query Parameters:
Location Names: NM: CARLSBAD,
Query Start Date: 12/23/2015
Query End Date: 12/30/2015
Fixed data selected.
Query Result for monitoring location NM: CARLSBAD.
Total Number of Records: 183
snap of data
This stn does not report beta
This stn is approx 40 km west of WIPP
Time adj is GMT -7,
starts around 3pm MST on Dec 26,
using gamma range 5 counts as reference
stay over 250 until 1am Dec 27.
surface winds approx 2pm MST,36.68,1024
surface winds approx 5pm MST


  1. HoTaters here. Thanks, Stock, for documenting the Gamma spike. If that was there, what else might have been happening?

    1. Indeed, what else have we not detected.

      How about hot barrels being stored above ground because the UG is not open, and the snowfall thermal shocked them, cracked a few open......

  2. correlation is not causation. people drop dead sometimes. a release causing rapid death would have to be really massive and one might expect more than one death if a release caused even one.

    that said, this infernal stuff is so vile that, beyond a few research reactors and a very few power reactors for scientific submarine work, ie a tiny fraction of what man has created, it's simply suicidal stuff - and the making of explosives with this technology is starkly insane.

    1. Very few people there, weekend, during holidays, during a freak snow storm.

      Could be radiation contributed to a pre-existing condition, this was just the last straw.

      I am not a big believer in coincidences. Nothing at WIPP smells right.

  3. Good work.
    The spike/reading was 40 k away from body and WIPP. Thus person was exposed to ??? amount and type of material. Almost certainly much more radioactivity than 40 k away. But one might consider putting a semi colon after the word Release, and a question mark after Man, as in not leading the witness...

    1. Mahalo, and Happy New Year. The Japanese say "Genki Deska?" instead of How Are You. It means, are you healthy.

      without health we have nothing.

      herein coining the new Have a Healthy New Year.

    2. Stock. Have a healthy new year! But in the contemporary context, perhaps "May you find soul-satisfaction in the trials and tribulations of the coming year", though not succinct, might also be wished...

  4. Do u think the spike was enough to actually kill a person from acute symptoms? Is it possible he was murdered? Thanks for the info always stock

    1. Aloha Bo,
      Have a Genki New Year

      The 2nd day after the death, it was announced that he was 62 YO, and confirmed as a plant worker.

      No I don't think the likely suspects of Pu or Am would kill immediately. I think that after working at WIPP for a number of years, "Murder" is appropriate possibility. But no I don't think he was a victim of a momentum injury.

      The spike was detected 40 miles away. What was it by the warm ventilation staff that this likely "guard" was perhaps hanging out by, when the fans stopped?

      Hypothesis. Intuition is more valuable than paid lies. Now we test the hypothesis.

    2. Intuition is so important. I'm trying to preserve that... hope u or anybody doesnt take personal but I'm trying to keep my communications on enenews impersonal and seeing how it goes. I'll still be friendly here ^ ^
      Have a good NYE stock

  5. Some speculation:

    Death by electrocution, perhaps? 6mA across the heart can indeed be "immediately harmful".
    Also note: suicides don't get an autopsy, IIRC.

    The gamma doesn't seem to fit my slack-jaw armchair guesswork, though it does ring more true to my ears than "people drop dead sometimes".

    My memory fails as to how filtration or bypass is engaged, including during a station-out.

    One thing seems certain though, and that is that there is probably at least one more family that totally hates WIPP, and for good reason - their loved one is dead.

    That "organization" seems a genuine "FAIL army", neh?

    1. Ya eh, but the coincidences, are very coincidental.
      The gamma was detected 30 miles away, what happened on site?

      Why no cause of death release?

      Just saying....nothing smells right at WIPP


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