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Saturday, December 26, 2015

TEPCO Confronts "New" Problem of radioactive water

stock here---right!    It's a "NEW" problem, sheesh, we have been discussing this for over 4 years.

This potential extintion level event (ELE) has been so digustingly mismanaged, it almost looks intentional.     No, I am not playing the "culling card", it's just a comparison of ineptitude.

So now they discover that the ground water that was previously flowing into the ocean is actually a lot higher in radioactiveity than they previously thought.    God forbid they ever measured it, AND reported it accurately.

So now these nuclear scientists are taking their walled up rad water, and since they stopped building storage tanks around 2 years ago, they have no where to put it, BUT IN THE FREAKING REACTOR BUILDING!   

Where it will become much more radioactive!

If we had an effective New World Order, could we convict these "people" of crimes against humanity?

However, the water from four of the wells was discovered to have high levels of tritium--a radioactive substance that is hard to remove--at levels higher than 1,500 becquerels per liter, which means the water cannot be released into sea.
 Then they were "surprised" that the ground water level increased after they built the "dam".    Damn It Jim, a seventh grader could have figured that out.  

Maybe these rocket scientists should have listened to me and Arnold Gunderson who put it in writing that a wall needs to go upstream of the blown up nuke plants, on the mountain side.   And then put in wells and re-route the water from upstream of the plant, directly to the problem solved.

But no, they play Keystone Kops.   I really find it hard to understand how stupid they have been in this most important of endeavours.

To understand the water flow and the underground river, please review my article on "The Making of Fukushima"


  1. No one listens to you or that has-been Gundersen except hardened anrinukes. I never saw you submit your propoaal when the RFP came out for tech solutions. Now your missive forgot to mention the radioactivity level of the groudwater. My sources say its less than 1 Bq/L at the prop line which is less than the beaches in Brazil. But because its Fukushima it has to be propped up for all the good little antinukes to run around saying the ele is happening. Youd think 5 years and no rad deaths later, with Japan and many countries going nuclear in repobse to COP21, you people would go back in your hoke. MM and I are enjoying a nice exchange on twitter.

    1. Please cite your sources directly.

      It seems disingenuous to claim that the water at Fukushima is 90% cleaner than the Fukushima contamination of just the Cesium in California, measured by Kenny boy at 11 Bq

    2. Your sources are wrong bugle breath. TEPCO even admits that radiation levels are deadly at the three FDNPP meltdowns. And yes, people will die a horrible death as radiation breaks down their DNA and RNA leaving other diseases to finish you off. Death by radiation takes time, sometimes a long time. Look at Jimmy Carter. All's well that ends well, because radiation didn't kill anyone, it was that other disease that killed them. This is called death by proxy and you sir have blood on your hands.

      Nuclear is a failed science. Period.. End of story.
      No good can come forth from this disastrous chemistry experiment you call "atoms for peace". That same thinking and those exact words spawned the creation of the nuclear bomb. Mutually Assured Destruction are new words that were created in my life time, so thank you for keeping me safe by "assuredly" killing everyone on planet earth.

      Electricity to cheap to meter! Get it straight pilgrim, all your doing is boiling water and you can't even do that very well. Quote Einstein "A hell of a way to boil water." And you call this science? I'm paying for you to play god and by god that will end. No more funding and you will have to move out of your parents basement.

      After your done contaminating the world with man-made radiation, who is going to clean up your mess? Where do you store this man made radioactive crap you created for thousands of years? In parking lots? A sound, sensible choice, only a nuclear ape would make, which you have done.
      Go look for a new job, because being a shill (note the double post) is all your good for and you don't even do that very well. Also no speakers at the COP21 even mentioned nuclear.

    3. TY coot, lying arse troll needs a slap back

  2. Said another way the Japanese Gov't. (that owns TEPCO )is now using the Pacific Ocean as a toilet to flush all its ☢ waste so that they will not have to pay for the cleanup at Fukushima. Left unsaid is that all the people that depend upon the Pacific ocean for seafood are getting the shaft because the UN has chosen to look the other way instead of charging Japan for a crime against humanity!


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