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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Pacific Ocean Has Been Nuked - Rad Chick Breaks It Down Before you review the videos below, please see this just in video of a Giant Squid visiting a harbor in Japan, very unusual behavior.


  1. Sensationalism at its best....
    Do not forget that the self-promoted expert Leuren Moret, is the one who announced that the earthquake and tsunami of Fukushima 311 were created by the US using HAARP, she is also the one who claims that the nuclear lobby is controlled by the Queen Elizabeth.... Get real, stick to facts, and quit spreading sensationalism crap!
    The Fukushima catastrophe is ongoing, the victims are left abandoned to live with radiation, contamination and you are giving your attention to crooks who are making a living out of sensationalsm feeding to the adrenaline kick hungry, milking them next for donations.

    1. Trust me, no fan of Leuren Moret, she sets up her own straw woman, not sure her motivations.

      We all continue to be victims, the problem is widespread, and we need it on people's radar, not just 200,000 people, we need 10,000,000 people (equivalent of the old 100 monkey false story).

      I had over 10,000 people view this article. That I know of. Google does not track stuff properly.

  2. Said another way the Japanese Gov't. (that owns TEPCO )is now using the Pacific Ocean as a toilet to flush all its ☢ waste so that they will not have to pay for the cleanup at Fukushima. Left unsaid is that all the people that depend upon the Pacific ocean for seafood are getting the shaft because the UN has chosen to look the other way instead of charging Japan for a crime against humanity!

    1. The powers that be simply look at this as another way to transfer more power, and transfer more wealth.

  3. Ah, conversely Canadian product should be at around a 43% discount via US Greenbacks. Our loss might be your gain.
    Might factor into your battery calculations, or at least pay for a firebox for LiPO batteries.

    Would one potential side-effect of a Lithium Battery Bank meltdown be a calmer neighborhood?


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