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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Typical Progression of a Nuclear Project

The discussion below concerns the typical function of radiation industries during emergencies, then I added this list, stock out.

Don't forget the next steps....
  1. denials, 
  2. coverups, 
  3. lies, 
  4. propaganda, 
  5. more lies, 
  6. minimizations, 
  7. distractions, 
  8. false science, 
  9. promises,
  10. lies,
  11. poorly thought out plans, 
  12. corruptly bid solutions, 
  13. lies, 
  14. inept management, 
  15. "you can't prove it", 
  16. lies, 
  17. falsified reports,
  18. attempt to convince it's OK, 
  19. attempt to convince that doing something is more dangerous than doing nothing, 
  20. run out of money, 
  21. let some bigger disaster take center stage for while, 
  22. payoff some victims with an accompanying hush order, 
  23. lies, 
  24. lies, 
  25. lies.  

THIS is why the power outage and accident are of concern:
Columbia (nuclear) Generating Station:
DOE's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory:
Radiochemical Processing Laboratory (RPL)
"The RPL is a scientific facility funded by DOE to create and implement innovative processes for environmental clean-up and the beneficial use of radioactive materials. These processes include those to advance the cleanup of radiological and hazardous wastes, the processing and disposal of nuclear fuels, and the production and delivery of medical isotopes."
Yes, "beneficial use of radioactive materials…." such as medicine, and ???????
It takes energy and water to run/cool these projects as needed.

HoTaters HoTaters
Sooooo, what happens when the Columbia Generating Station and the Pacific Northwest Laboratory have no power? Would anyone who is more well versed on this subject than I care to venture a guess?

AirSepTech AirSepTech
HA HA Ha, people were wondering about connect the dots…those were the dots in my mind.
My best guess is protocol/panic/boom,,,hopefully in that order, and get it right before the boom.
I have an ex-coworker at CGS, one at Coulee, sisters in Portland.
Eventually, another 'natural event' will bring about yet another fiasco. Earthquake, wave, wind, snow, ice, fire,,,to name a few. Plenty more.
Knock out the power, FUBAR the grid, game over.


  1. If the nuclear industry were truly that way no nuclear ship would sail and there would be no industry and the Cold War still rages on. Its the success of the Nuclear Navy that made the LWR viable as a technology. Ironically it was the nuclear navy that kept the MSR from being developed. If all reactors were MSR there would be no TMI no Fukushima and actindes would be burned in molten salt and not buried in ground. So you tell me what was the event in the 50s that sealed LWRs prominence and what event in the early 70s sealed the MSR fate? Its important to understand how thecurrent nuclear paradigms came to be and what new nuclear paradigm is required to solve challenges. Its not going away this nuclear industry and mocking it only shows insecurity and doesnt move things forward.

    1. Thanks for the lies, it completes the list


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