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Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Hilarious Review of USA Security Agencies

Saw this at ENENEWS

"…pay very close attention…", well maybe not the CIA, directly, ( not enough ruffling of the drugs /guns to money laundering angle for the CIA to risk getting entangled in domestic action, they'd just buy the info from NSA or DHS, but if this had( and of course will ) happened in Afghanistan then you bet the CIA would have a site like this on the front burner)
…but the others probably yes…

though the 'modern' "intelligence communities" are collectively the largest group of narcissistic paranoid nihilistic alcoholics one will ever encounter.

FBI; pink handed , pale faced, college graduates that tend to have an elitist attitude when dealing with the general public. They tend to dress a little better than their compatriots: rating: lawyerly

CIA; always on the take, and always operate as if every day could be the last day of business; rating: used car salesmen/sketchy coke dealer

DHS; polyester pawns at the bottom teflon Dons at the top; your freedom of thought is their primary concern: rating ; mall cops with a L.T.C.

ATF; poor bastards learned the "undercover" concept from watching old seventies cop shows: rating: Hancock ( without the superpowers)

NSA; $10 billion a year for mostly a bunch of people sitting around reading your mail and sharing your nude selfies while paranoidly looking over their shoulder's: rating: Snowdenized

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  1. Major news reporter PAMELA GELLER is tracking the WMD sleeper cells in the USA. Below is another highly classified doc a group of us at the NSA extracted from the system. Evidence on NBL and social media sites how "AUSTIN" is a CIA created cover ID. It is only a very thin veil. All gvt analyst are given protective cover profiles. Teamwork is involved in providing you tips about the most deadly program ever devised. It will impact 99% of the Nuclear power plants worldwide.

    A continued Chemical Warfare program is huge legal issue due to violation of the 1925 Geneva Convention. Hereby, read how it is being covered by more legally flexibale R&D contractors. Even under the guise of safety. I began working on a new one today at Scripps Instutute. (I'm on east coast time lunch break.) Unlike Edward Snowden, this time a network inside the NSA is testing how far we can safely go(channels like this one)sharing very high level of classified evidence. It is only after it becomes truly big news do people understand how serious these NSA top secrets documents are. Cover report provided. The entire data link is in untraceable locations.


    Biological Research Terminology and Our Request for White House Review of Statements for Senate and House Hearings, Secret Presidential Materials, NSC Files A510, Chemical, Biological Warfare.

    This memorandum states the NSA Staff agreement with arguments for carefully distinguishing between chemical warfare and biological research programs, and forwards an attached draft memorandum [not reproduced] to the addressees of NSDMA51 emphasizing the need to make these distinctions in reference to other nations' programs. The draft memorandum also asks "agencies" to submit draft cover statements to protect full disclosure of the chemical warfare and biological research program.(Vials dropped by air on St. Louis could be enough to spread the contagions in a thousand mile radius. Rapid deploy pattern.)

    I am permitted to disclose some of this in the same manner that the Air Force once dropped warning leaflets prior to fire bombing DRESDEN, Tokyo and before the 2nd atomic bomb on Nagasaki. This limited disclosure may protect me under the freedom of information act.

    Advanced warning: The Contagion Action Plan (2017 CAP cities) plan-of- action may require swift release during future stages of asymmetrical strikes. De-pop required to reduce civilian unrest during land & resource management/re-distribution.


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