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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Being Fat Is Not A Big Problem, But What Made You Fat Is A Big Problem

 I found this one twitter, and pulled a one liner soundbite out of it.

Being obese will increase your cancer risk somewhat, BUT if you became obese from eating processed foods, then you are 5 to 10 times more likely to get cancer compared to an obese person who eats non-processed foods.

Got it?    And this just speaks to processed foods, not specifically looking at GMO effects which are going to be even more extreme.

Found this article on twitter by the way.   Go full bird, go tweet.

stock out


The following figures seem to reflect that obesity caused by primarily unprocessed foods appears to be far more benign than obesity caused by processed food:
  • Eight percent of all cancers in women in developed nations is associated with obesity, compared to just 1.5 percent in developing countries
  • Three percent of all cancers in men in developed nations is associated with obesity, compared to a mere 0.3 percent in developing countries
According to lead author Dr. Melina Arnold, of the International Agency for Research on Cancer:
"Our findings add support for a global effort to address the rising trends in obesity. The global prevalence of obesity in adults has doubled since 1980.
If this trend continues, it will certainly boost the future burden of cancer, particularly in South America and North Africa, where the largest increases in the rate of obesity have been seen over the last 30 years.”

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