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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Boycott All Things Canadian If They Put a Nuclear Waste Dump On A Penisula Jutting Into Lake Huron

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money talks, boycotts will get their attention


This is from London News, London Ontario that is.

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A petition — so big that, with accompanying comments, it would have run 6,000 pages — is in the federal environment minister’s in-box to argue against a deep nuclear waste storage vault along the Great Lakes near ­Kincardine.
The document represents “a very strong voice” opposed to the underground nuclear-waste repository, said Beverly Fernandez, head of Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump, which has lobbied against the plan by provincial electricity producer Ontario Power Generation (OPG).
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is expected to rule this spring whether to endorse OPG’s plan, already green-lighted by a federal review panel, to bury low-grade radioactive waste from Ontario’s nuclear plants in a proposed limestone vault deeper than the CN Tower is high.


  1. So now that you live in Wisconsin are you going to boycott hockey? Most all equipment is made in Canada as are Zamboni machines. Many Wisconsin dairies serve Canada and get Canadian tooling and parts. The economies Wisconsin and the Plains and Great Lakes states are tied to Canada via NAFTA. So a Canadian boycott would only cut your own throats. This is the ill-gotten logic of the antinuke.

    1. Are you supporting these capitalists that want to put the nuke waste on a peninsula on Lake Huron? And make it inaccessible if anything bad happens?


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