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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cancer -- Lies of the Nuclear Cartel

stock here: in 1900 about 6% of us got cancer.   Appreciate your comments, please add some.
Now women get 50% cancer, men are 66%.   After Fukushima, WIPP, Beatty, and all the others, we are sure to see much more cancers, it's big business.   

And rather than blame the cancers on environmental pollution, including radiation, they try to blame it on "bad luck" or as this article states....Its your genes.

The overall findings are not a big surprise. They support earlier findings that show about a third of all cancer cases can be blamed on faulty genes. Most of the rest are due to so-called lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and exercise.
Note that radiation is never once mentioned.

And this study is confined to Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden

Starting in 1943, conveniently 2 years before the first atomic bomb.  

These countries also were hard hit by Chernobyl, some with Reindeer still massively radioactive.

 "They have been studied for an average of 32 years"    In other words MOST of those studied were born after the 1963 ban on atmospheric nuclear testing. 

What caused these bad genes, that was not present in 1900?

They blame it on GMO labeling is "outlawed"

Debt, Bankruptcy are Rewards for Cancer Survivors


  1. The CDC gives a likelihood of 30% independent of any specific cause. There are literally millions of cancer causing reasons. To eliminate them all to say its just from low low radiation without any scientific basis is pure folly.

    1. Loose Kook, I see you haven't made any comment on the Beatty nuke dump, but you comment almost every article.

      "Busted" dead to rights? eh?


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