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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Congressman Greg Walden - Explains What is Wrong With Government and The Bundy Debacle

What do you think folks? Drop a Comment. Has this man said even one thing that was wrong?


  1. Rep Walden speaking some truth. Out of control agencies don't even listen to the law or the lawmakers who drafted the laws!! More local control. Less fed control. It is out of control

    1. Yep, smaller is better. And stop the bribery/lobbying

  2. A sparse, inhospitable land with beauty beyond compare.

    Generations of ranchers wrestled a living from this land with hard work and now that is over for many family members. Just surviving on this land is a challenge but to have a man shot and killed and others in prison, is not justice. It's called injustice and many will suffer.

    For the two ranchers, going to prison for setting a back fire to 130 acres is the ranchers right and responsibility to take care of his land. He is the best defense in a forsaken wilderness. They set fire to permitted land and being permitted land, the feds. say that you will take care of that land, so they did what they thought was right. This was not arson nor terrorism, but the actions by the federal government was an act of terrorism.

    For those who aided and occupied the site, they all knew they were in grave danger. They knew that someone was going to die on a cold winters day. They didn't know when.

    The federal government did the exact same thing to Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge. A sniper shot his wife in the head while she was holding her baby at the front door and his son Sammy who went to protect his dog, which also was killed. Where's the justice here?

    Remember Kent State
    Remember Ruby Ridge
    Remember Waco
    And now Remember Malheur Refuge

    Now the cover-up begins.

    1. Indeed, I don't know Ruby Ridge, but I know this land grab, its actually happening all over USA.


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