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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Geo-Engineering -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong -- Mutated Cats

  • In response to my article on the mutated mountain lion, which became a story at ENENEWS, this commentor pointed out another, or a "co-operative" theory.

    Here is the Mountain Lion Story:

  • american dreamer american dreamer
    Could be the radiation. There's also a very elaborate cloud seeding project known to that area:

    The original program was established to increase snow accumulation in the south and middle forks of the Payette River watershed. In 2008, Idaho Power expanded its cloud seeding efforts by enhancing an existing program operated by a coalition of counties and other stakeholders in the upper Snake River system above Milner Dam.

    For the 2014–2015 winter season, the Central Mountains project (includes Payette, Boise, and Wood Basins) includes 23 remote-controlled, ground-based generators and two airplanes contracted for operations. e program in the Upper Snake River Basin includes 20 remote-controlled, ground-based generators operated by Idaho Power and 25 manual, ground-based generators operated by the coalition. Idaho Power provides meteorological data and weather forecasting to guide the coalition’s operations.

    The company has continuously operated a cloud seeding program since 2003.

    more from Idaho Power's website (what a name by the way):

    Idaho Power seeds clouds by introducing additional ice nuclei (silver iodide) into winter storms. e additional ice nuclei increase precipitation from passing winter storm systems. If a storm has water vapor and appropriate temperatures, the conditions are optimal for cloud seeding to increase precipitation.

    Idaho Power uses two methods to seed clouds: 1) ground generators at high elevations, or 2) airplanes that release special ares into storm clouds. Either method successfully releases silver iodide into passing storms. Minute water particles within the clouds freeze on contact with the silver iodide particles and eventually grow and fall to the ground as snow.
    Is it safe?

    Silver iodide has been used as a seeding agent in numerous western states for decades without any known harmful effects. Silver iodide is insoluble in water which is a characteristic that keeps it from having harmful effects.
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  2. In 2009, JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV, West Virginia,
    OF 2009.

    This program and monies will be controlled by the National Science Foundation under the newly created agency of Weather Mitigation Research Program, contained under and within the NSF’s Geosciences Directorate.

    While this action is in the form of a "report" it is actually a bill (S601) stating:

    The purpose of S. 601 is to develop a national cooperative Federal and State program of weather mitigation research and development."

    All of this under the direction of John D Rockefeller IV. What could go wrong with a bill sponsored by and for the Rockefeller's.

    After reading the bill it glorifies the needs of such an enterprise but does not address any negative impacts. If you need to see the impacts, just look up at the chemical trails left in the sky on any given day.

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