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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Fake Game We Are Thrown Into

stock here:   In 2005/2006 I realized that something was very wrong in the world.    I had an edge up on most folks, I had stopped watching TV in the 1990's, you simply cannot fight back against an endless slew of propaganda force fed to you on the TV.    

Then I studied all the varied forms of "what is wrong with society, government, the powers that be, environment".    It took a lot of time.   Finally around 2010/2011 I came to the conclusion that I don't need to know every little detail about everything that is messed up.   In fact, doing so takes you away from things you need to be doing. 

Once you know enough to know that things are not right, you can just kind of keep an eye on the overall picture, and spend the time saved on doing what some would call "prepping".     Amazingly some people don't even know what this word means.  

Others think this is a "crazy prepper" activity, but in reality what they call prepping now, is simply what your grandfather would be doing as "responsible living".

I saw the comment below on a Global Warming article, and thought it hit home.   Last fall I came to the conclusion that what I needed to focus on was "being more effective" with all activities that I decide to pursue.    Indeed, whining to the choir is not effective, coined it I have.

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stock up, and stock out.

Guillotine_ready • 5 hours ago

It has gotten to the point where I now see a lot of the so called alternative news sites as a sort of game. An article with some slant on the shenanigans that permeate out society is presented and people offer their feelings, thoughts or reactions to the article and having put their words into the comment section they receive a bit of cathartic relief. It is transitory and mostly an illusion. Nothing will ever change because an article was posted or a comment was left.

I have fallen into this game myself and I am frustrated that with the millions of us who know that our entire pseudo-society is built on the foundation of corruption, double dealing and violence, nothing of any real substance has ever been done by any of us.

We all seem to want the same things, freedom, privacy, security, and the economic means to fully participate in the bounty our progress as a species has made possible. There is no reason everyone of us and I mean world wide could not have a home, enough food, access to potable water, health care from a trusted source who is not in it for the money and a reasonable chance of enjoying our limited time on this earth.

Some are greedy and egotistical, they believe they are the ones who should rule over the rest of us. Money and limiting the access to it has been a primary tool of controlling people. We spend an inordinate amount of time engaged in activities many of us would prefer not to be involved in to make the limited funds to almost live a comfortable life. Why is that? Why is a piece of paper someone else controls needed to exchange for food?

Why do we have to pay to have a nest to return to after our day's endeavor is finished? And why is it we cannot simply make the paper ourselves?

Control. And it only works because we play along believing there is no other way. Of course there is. We call ourselves advanced and still live our lives according to the plans of a few who start wars to cull the population and kill anyone who tries to start a new program to make life livable for the people. We support and even vote for people who will never lift a finger to do any of us any good at all.

All that is needed is the millions of us to realize there is another way. It does not have to be either capitalist or communist or socialist or ist at all.

Are we advanced or actually the dumbest creatures on the planet?

What does a squirrel pay for its nest? What does a deer pay for food? What other species poisons the very area they live in and claims there is nothing they con do about it? Why do people keep believing the biggest lies of all?

Sure some will say if people did not have to work they would lay around and do nothing, but it does not take much to realize it is just another lie to keep you plugged into the system they profit from. There is never any real truth posted any where it is all concern over the least important thing in the world "money". Food grows when seeds are planted not when they are bought. Water flows from natural sources and the source is not paid. Health comes from a lack of stress and quality exercise and nutrients, not from an account somewhere. And not from a doctor who is a salesman for some treatment they profit from.

Freedom it takes work and it does not require money and an army of busy body bureaucrats and bankers, in fact their existence is inhibiting any real chance at freedom.
How about we start working on the solution to all the problems rather than pointing out every little crime in an ocean of corruption and deceit.


  1. Words of wisdom indeed. Thanks for the article and Christ bless. You are correct, our comments don't change one thing, nothing at all. But we as individuals can change ourselves for the better, if we truly wish too, and have the intestinal fortitude to put our thoughts into action. We can, as individuals again, cut the umbilical cords to society at large and live the lives our Creator intended for us to enjoy. On a personal level, I would love my home, if the house and yard weren't there! I'm spending more and more time now in the woods, on the river, gardening, learning to make my own clothes, and basically live as a good steward of the earth. Best wishes and keep the faith.

    1. Indeed, life is better when you are doing "real activities". Get analog!


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