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Monday, January 11, 2016

Hawaii's Whales are Still Missing -- But the Missing Whale Deniers Are Out In Full Force

stock here--

Not a shred of evidence has been presented to date about the Humpbacks showing up in Hawaii as of January 11, 2016.

The the mass media has sure ramped up to deny the whale story.   They present lies without any backup.  

Now sure, the whales may show up, and I am sure that a good amount will.  

But to pretend that this is "Normal" does not match my 25 years of living in Hawaii, 900 SCUBA dives, hundreds of sailing and boating trips.   AND my particular interest in Whale Watching and photography.

So yes, I am an expert in Hawaii's whales.   And it is very unusual for them to not have showed up at this point, January 11, 2016


huffpost seems like a mouthpiece for the powers that be

"We can’t say that there are lower numbers, just later numbers," Chow said. "Total numbers would require dedicated research. Anything else is observational or anecdotal."

Really? can say for fact that there will be later numbers?"

We don't have any empirical data that can verify whether there are fewer whales at this time of year as compared to recent years," wrote Elia Herman, the marine protected species program manager for Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources, in an email to Live Science. "What we do know is that that has been the general impression of some people," she stated.


  1. they (so called scientists) are so lazy: "We don't have any empirical data that can verify whether there are fewer whales at this time of year as compared to recent years" - was a google map of whale sightings recorded in Canada a month, maybe two, or so ago I tweeted... super low numbers of whales sighted.

    1. Unless you take painstaking data and detail of ecological census over a long period such as the moose wolf population on Isle Totaled Michigan, no one not even stock can make factual accurate statements regarding whales in Hawaii. The author is not a trained marine biologist. Neither is Dartford. Its their opinions fueled by suspicion and bias. This is not the basis of fact. And one can not have truth without fact.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Grant, they are simply lying through their teeth to protect their precious....income from whales.

    4. Hey Loose Stool,

      I am an expert in Hawaii whales, and they are late to the party, I hope they are not going to stand us up.


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