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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Is Hanford Nuclear Waste Creating Babies Without Brains and Skulls?

Near Hanford, Washington, nuclear waste dump, there were 41 cases of babies born with no brain.    500% more than average.     And they are befuddled.

These people are paid by your tax dollars:

Washington health officials have analyzed existing reports on contaminants such as nitrate levels in drinking water and pesticide use in agriculture, and considered whether there could be genetic markers for women more likely to have babies with neural-tube defects. But they have collected no blood samples, performed no genetic tests and conducted no examination of water, soil or pesticide levels in the region — and have no plans to do so.

The advisory committee has agreed with Wasserman’s conclusion that further tests aren’t warranted by existing evidence. “We are a state health organization; we are not a research organization,” Wasserman said.
This story was written on December 25, 2015.    Nice Christmas present to those mothers <sarc>

In January, state officials began interviewing mothers of infants with neural-tube defects, including spina bifida. So far, they’ve interviewed 15 women, including 11 of the 41
stock here: Seriously?   What is so freaking hard about doing an interview?   Why couldn't all these be done in 2 weeks?    

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The lady in charge, Cathy Wasserman, needs to be sacked.

“I think we’ve been pretty diligent on this issue,” she said. “We’re trying to be thorough in responding to community concerns. It’s kind of going as I would expect it to go.”
“I think that there is an urgency,” Wasserman said. “I don’t think the time it’s taking is unusual.”
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Well, you are thinking wrong Wasserman.    Everyone is failing miserably-----

“A clear cause of the elevated presence of anencephaly was not determined,” the 2013 report concluded.

That’s where the study stopped. No women were interviewed — or told they were among dozens in the region who’d lost babies to a rare birth defect. At the time, CDC officials said they lacked funding for a “boots on the ground” epidemiological study.

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  1. As far as so many Gov't. looking the other way about radioactive pollution, I'm beginning to think that perhaps Governments "want" radioactive pollution because it will limit population growth globally.

    1. It's possible but their children grow up in the same cesspool. I think it is more greed, ignorance, denial, bribery, stupidity and sociopathy.

      To be effective in population elimination, the easy way is to kill off the old people, with a super flu or something like that.


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