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Friday, January 8, 2016

Letter to the Editor -- Nuclear Costs

I speak from education, training, experience in the energy industry.    MSME from University of Michigan, BSME from Northwestern, I have 25 years in the energy industries including being a Certified Energy Manager.

New Nuclear is prohibitively expensive. They are trying to finish 2 new reactors at Vogtle in Georgia. It will be at least $18,000 Million, yes 18 Billion.

Here is the real cost data from Vogtle. Familiarize yourself with facts, it helps the discussion.

Vogtle — will double or triple the cost the ratepayers pay, if the plant ever starts up. But since they are already billing the ratepayers during construction, they are on the hook even if it doesn't start up.

They shut down Kewaunee for "economic reasons". Kewaunee was purchased for $190 million. Yet it wasn't economic to run.

The new nuclear at Vogtle is going to cost almost 100 times what Kewaunee cost. How is it possible that Vogtle can be economic to run?

That doesn't even pass a straight face test.

Contrary to what some are trying to state, there is no "new technology" for dealing with nuclear waste.     It will continue to be a problem for generations to come.    

The $18B Vogtle plant could be replaced with solar PV for the cost of around $4B.    Why have so many been blinded by Science, the lure of the sexy science of nuclear, which was founded on lies out of the gate, and is even more a lie when we see the massive costs necessary to make new nuclear even "pretty safe".    

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