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Sunday, January 17, 2016

NASA Ramping Up to Nuke Asteroids

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Always the "downplay", downplay the risk.  

Not only is the chance of a collision by an NEO highly unlikely—most cases will be false alarms—but the possibility of a collision will be known for several years in advance. The advanced notice will give experts a chance to use existing technology to deflect the threatening object.
The highlighted text above is the lie.   The Russian meteor explosion was not known at all until it happened.    NASA admits that they probably only know 10% of the Near Earth Objects that could matter, and are finding more all the time.

A new telescope in Hawaii is setup JUST to find these NEO's.     And it is finding a scary number of asteroids that we had no idea existed, 30 in one night.

Longtime NEO program executive Lindley Johnson will now be the lead program executive of the office, donning the title of Planetary Defense Officer.

WTF?   Does the below sentence even come close to making sense with 3rd grade math?

Experts note that over 13,500 near-Earth objects of all sizes have been located so far, and around 95% of the NEOs found have been a part of NASA-funded surveys that began more than 15 years ago. Of interest, close to 1,500 new NEOs are found every year.


  1. Regarding this new "Planetary Defense Coordination" office. If one were to suppose that there is indeed an incoming brown dwarf binary star system aka Nibiru/Planet X then this new NASA effort makes perfect sense. Nibiru's approach also explains the South Pole Telescope's unusual location and IR imaging tech. Nasa announced this object's existence in 1983 and has issued statements about searching for "Planet X" since the 50s. US Naval Observatory astronomer, Dr Harrington, said he found Planet X and had knowledge about it's orbital period. He soon developed a sudden cancer and died; his research was never published. over 20 other astronomers in this field have died of mysterious circumstances. There are supposed leaked images of "Nibiru" made by the SPT. Much of what the govts are doing makes sense if you consider this planet x/nibiru idea.

    1. still, I am not a big X man

      but the chance that they know of an impending asteroid strike and are NOT telling us, is I think a good probability.


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