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Friday, January 15, 2016

Nuclear Cartel Spending Heavily In Wisconsin to Allow Ratepayers To Be Raped to Pay for Nuclear

Wisconsin - AB 384 - 2015

Relating to: requirements for approval of construction of nuclear power plants and changes to the state's energy priorities policy.

Bribes have been received by some of these people

Pretty sad that this is a "party issue"

Added On: 11-07-2015
Updated On: 01-15-2016
Status: Passed One Chamber
Primary Sponsors:
Janel Brandtjen (Assembly/Republican), 
 No email provided
Ed Brooks (Assembly/Republican), 
David Craig (Assembly/Republican), 
Bob Gannon (Assembly/Republican),  
 no email provided
AndrĂ© Jacque (Assembly/Republican),  
John Jagler (Assembly/Republican),  
Adam Jarchow (Assembly/Republican),  
 no email provided

Joel Kleefisch (Assembly/Republican),

Dan Knodl (Assembly/Republican),

 Dean Knudson (Assembly/Republican),

Jesse Kremer (Assembly/Republican),

Mike Kuglitsch (Assembly/Republican),

Bob Kulp (Assembly/Republican),

Thomas Larson (Assembly/Republican),

Amy Loudenbeck (Assembly/Republican),

John Macco (Assembly/Republican),

David Murphy (Assembly/Republican),

Adam Neylon (Assembly/Republican),

John Nygren (Assembly/Republican),

Jim Ott (Assembly/Republican),

Kevin Petersen (Assembly/Republican),

Warren Petryk (Assembly/Republican),

Romaine Quinn (Assembly/Republican),

Mike Rohrkaste (Assembly/Republican),

Joe Sanfelippo (Assembly/Republican),

Michael Schraa (Assembly/Republican),

Gary Tauchen (Assembly/Republican),

Jeremy Thiesfeldt (Assembly/Republican),

Paul Tittl (Assembly/Republican),

Tyler Vorpagel (Assembly/Republican),

Thomas Weatherston (Assembly/Republican)



  1. Wisconsin will want some NuScale for the near future to displace fossil. Solar no good for baseload. Game changing tech from Oregon.

    1. "near future" sure, 20 years....

      We could be 90% built out renewables by then, with EXISTING technology, not a pie in the sky lie of "this time it will be safe".

  2. Great work reporting on all these nuclear mass insanity projects


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