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Monday, January 25, 2016

Our Pets Are Particularly Susceptible to Environmental Contamination and Radiation

Our Pets Are Particularly Susceptible to Environmental Contamination and Radiation - See more at:
Our Pets Are Particularly Susceptible to Environmental Contamination and Radiation, what can you do to help them?   There are simple ways to improve the situation.

Saw the conversation at ENENEWS -- there is some good information and conversation, and if the site can rid itself of a few embedded trolls, it will be even better.  Protecting your pets!

Any who can chime in on their experiences with pet health post Fukushima please do so.

We should already be aware of the massive toxins thrown into the air by the explosions at Fukushima.   They will effect us and our pets, the responsible question is --- what can we do to stay strong and minimize the damage.  Review this for the initial toxin estimate:

Now keep in mind that unlike Chernobyl, they never stopped the radiation coming out of Fukushima.  The plant was built over a river, now that river is underground, under the plant, where the radiation is.    So more and more radiation and heavy metals are coming into our environment. 

Are there any simple actions people are taking to protect their dogs and cats from environmental toxins and radiation?      Chime in, drop a comment!

My quick ideas:
Stop buying lousy dog food made in flouride in our water systems, you know how China gets rid of toxins.....think about it.

I do give only RO filtered water to my dogs.

I also give them mostly real food, and they eat heavily from the organic non GMO garden.

Breakfast today was a re-heated gallon size bag of garden vegetables, brown rice, turkey, then some dry dog food (good local known stuff), oats, and some butternut squash soup, and a chunk of cheese for fun.     Ya, spoiled doesn't even begin to describe the situation, but it is actually quite easy if you do it right and in big batches, and not costly at all.  

They also get Vitamin D3, Fishoil, Flaxoil, Glucosamine, sometime vitiman C an excellent anti-oxidant.

A local lady is a rep for a dog food kibble, and super knowledgeable on food.    Even though she sells food, she encourages us to provide home cooked and especially home uncooked foods.  

Raw chicken with the bones, raw eggs, liver organ meat.

They are mostly "inside" dogs, and I run 3 HEPA filters in rooms, as well as having a nice whole house Honeywell electrostatic air filter on the furnace/air con.   This definitely affects the dogs too in a positive way.

 On one HEPA filter, I pulled it last week and let it sit for a week, then I ran a 1 hour Geiger sample on it, Radiation Alert Inspector.

The picture shows the Geiger results, it is definitely taking long lived radio-isotoped out of our breathing air.

Oh that device next to it, a biological lab grade microscope.   Just learning it, but already did some blood inspections, tap water inspections, bio-swab from a dog itchy spot, looks at some micro-bugs on indoor  herbs and peppers, etc.

 It is an awesome tool, it opens up a new world.    Will buy a Canon EOS camera mount adaptor.   Its a tri-nocular, so you can look through it, AND take a picture of exactly what you are looking at.   The blood work stuff is amazing

Best new Friends

January 25, 2016 at 12:58 pm · Reply   

Does anybody know if there is a CDC-like agency for pets?

Since pet dogs, cats, and birds are our sentinels it might be a good idea to track their clusters of illness.

How many other areas of the country are having similar 'pet' deaths and illness? How would we know? The only reason we are hearing about the Porter Ranch/San Fernando Valley situation is because there is a gas leak that ties the community together.

IMO – It's may be a way of getting people used to mass die offs. If it's not gas in the air, perhaps it's lead in the water or maybe something else that's tangible like El Nino killing our ocean. I say… no, no, NO! To some degree, I believe it's FUKUSHIMA! (hair falling out, sores, weakened immune) All of these man made catastrophes add up. Scientists seem to have a way of being able to focus on only one thing and not being able to look at the long range overall big picture.

Note: When the initial FALLOUT waves of 2011 hit, they came down like ink splatters, so if you lived on a hillside or in a valley maybe your area took a hit while other areas near you didn't.

    January 25, 2016 at 2:04 pm · Reply   

    Good question. I did a fairly simple search upon which others may wish to follow up.

    First I would consider the top vet med schools that also do research .. like uc davis and cornell and Colorado state.

    Second there are some outstanding state of the art animal hospitals and national vet med associations.

    Some links:

"…Environment: Cancer cells develop because of damage to DNA. Most often a dog’s DNA becomes damaged by exposure to something in the environment, such as tobacco smoke, pesticides or OTHER carcinogens."
Source: Morris Animal Foundation
"…some infectious diseases are on the rise, particularly feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)"
Tumors and alopecia (hair loss) are a couple of things on the rise.

Thought I would add one more link.
Porter ranch residents, downwinders, and vets should report pet/animal/wildlife illnesses and deaths they believe are related to the leak to

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