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Friday, January 8, 2016

Sociopaths and the Radiation Industries, A Sick Combination

"..An imperfect self sentient creature in a perfect world.
What could possibly go wrong?.."

Especially when the extreme small part of the species that has its imperfections slightly more at foreground , such that its brain is more wired like a vulture then that of indigenous people that did manage to develop a philosophy/culture compatible with their surroundings.

DID find a way to manipulate in to numbness , dumbness , madness , insanity , addiction , war and destruction the imperfections of their fellow beings.. for their own short lifetime profit and glory in the ivory tower at the top of the pyramid.

What could possible go Right..?

stock here: What DUD alludes to is the reported 1 in 25 of us who are wired as sociopaths.   These sociopaths have no conscience, no guilt, and when they lie (which they do as much as they can) there are no tell-tale signals that a trained lie-spotter can pick up on.

It is interesting that the "lie spotting" books that I own....that none of them mention sociopathy, perhaps because that would blow away all there techniques that they are trying to sell books with.  But what a huge disservice, to teach a skill and then to not teach about how a particular class of people can thwart your skills.     More importantly, this set of sociopaths that can thwart your lie spotter skills, is the same set of people who are most likely to do you damage, and in fact will do damage just to put someone else down even if there is no material benefit to themselves.     Psychologically they receive the benefit of knowing that they exercised power over another human.

Sociopaths are drawn to the nuclear industry, to all the radiation industries actually, including radiological medicine.    They get prestige, usually a bunch of money, and get that sick joy of dosing people with radiation and heavy metals and pretending that it is "medical care" or in the case of the nukist they get the "you can't prove that I am killing your children" psycho boost.

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