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Monday, February 15, 2016

Earthquake Alert East Asia Through and Especially, Indonesia

Since I made the prediction below, 3 large earthquakes have hit in 3 hours.

Today marked the lowest number of worldwide earthquakes I have ever observed.   16 in the last 24 hours, and about 30 per day for last 7 days.    Normal is 71 to 73. 

Energy is not being disappated, so must likely it is building.

I have the spreadsheets and statistics, but an update takes at least an hour of work, the USGS format does not lend itself to Citizen Science analysis.

But the recent charts so the number of earthquakes plummeting, very unusual.

Be careful out there, stock up, stock out.

Here is another site that is in the business of earthquake prediction, just found them 


Here is a cool simulation of what the 1700 California earthquake and tsunami looked like


  1. So now you are better than the whole USGS? Earthquakes occur with great regularity all over the world. Nuclear plants are designed to withstand design basis natural phenomenon events

    1. Yes, I am better than the entire USGS. That is how bad the state of "real so called scientists" are.

      Ya design basis....that says it all. Instead of defense in depth, nuclear now functions on cascade of failures and cheap excuses.


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