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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Food -- The Ongoing Onslaught Against Your Health -- Because Corporate Profits Need It

Now how about radiation in your food.
The Hillary Obama team took care of that in 2 ways. HIllary cut a deal with Japan that we would continue to buy their contaminated food, without testing. Strong proof is here.

And then Obama directed the EPA to raise acceptable radiation amounts in US food by 10 times what it used to be, and 10 times what even Japan allows for its own people. Seriously, google it.

Flouride is a waste product of the nuclear industry, and hard to dispose of. So I guess that is why it goes into water supplies.

And here is a good one that I have always been unsure of....when can you eat that moldy cheese or other stuff? cheese


  1. It's not radiation in food you should worry. Rather all that artificial crap. Lots of cancer causing chemicals in our food and you dismiss over rad? Talk about a red herring.

    1. Still, it wouldn't be wise to throw out radiation, especially since Hillary cut a deal to buy the Japanese contaminated food, and raised the radiation limits in food to 10 times what the rest of the civilized world allows.


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