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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fukushima, Proof It Was NOT a Hydrogen Explosion, Photo and Video Proof of Explosive Trajectory

This is breaking some new ground folks, hard to believe after almost 5 years. Pulling truth out of a vacuum.

This shows clearly that the explosions involved point sources, not an explosion through a whole reactor building filled with hydrogen which would not have a "directed explosive effect".

This pilot and videotographer took heavy heavy doses, they didn't even know enough to not fly through the obvious radioactive steam, you can see how the radiation just overwhelms their video.

This video is really odd, they spend 80% of the time viewing a shiny rod shaped object in the rubble, with a few views that show water in some kind of pool, agitated, perhaps boiling. But the odd thing is the rod, this one has a flared end.


  1. Still trying to claim it was nuclear crit. Good luck with that. No neutrons no gamma activation of structural steel. 1e19 burst fissions leaves a very large and specific signature. Yet it was no where to be found. Some new physics you and Blunderson cooked up for conspiracy toting ratfarmers over at Enenews? Its been 5 years like you said and the world hasn't turned its back on the atom. What really is tour exit strategy for all this rigamarole you seem to put out? You are preaching to the same choir you will have yet have made no inroads to seek legitimacy.

    Until then you will continue to be the mouthpiece for those that have nothing to show for their efforts as well.

  2. You never address the subject matter. Its all a sham to protect your precious.


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