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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting Healthcare -- Keywords to Allow Your Doctor to Justify Tests or Treatments

OK very serious comment here, I need some brainstorming.

Scenario--ACA is seeing more than ever, healthcare being rationed.

Last year I had crappy healthcare that covered 3 general practice office visit, no drugs, no dental, no vision, no specialists, pretty much nothing, deductible $12,000

This year, much better healthcare.   No major problems that I know of.   But I want to max out blood testing, MRIs, CTs (just kidding)and whatever else I can do to possibly identify problems early.

So there are keywords that need to be worked into the conversation with the doctor, so that they will say...well, family history plus these conditions, we need to do a gall bladder ultrasound, or we need to do a liver function battery of tests.

1 specific problem, left shoulder, frequent reinjuries....what are the magic words to get an MRI or some real test to find out what is wrong, is a tendon loose?    Proclaim that because of my shoulder, I cannot continue my high level masters swim competition programs, and then describe the injury in such a way the doc can justify the MRI or steroid shots, or whatever.  

Sure I am talking about gaming the system.   What tricks do I have to use to get real healthcare. 

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Before you go the MRI route, might I suggest you try this guy's alignment advice? You don't have to do yoga to benefit from it.
Otherwise, I can't be of help. I'm with GBShaw on doctors in general: they know they can make twice as much money by sawing off the wrong arm first.

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ty that diagram all by itself is useful.
I do close gripped bench press and incline press, and shoulder press, and that is working so far…go wide grip and risk serious injury, happened twice now in 2 years.
Hard to put solar panels on the roof with a banged up shoulder, lol

Before you get an MRI, steroids or other drugs, go get a professional, therapeutic massage. Look for a deep tissue/neuromuscular person. Some insurance will even cover it. If not, it's a $100 you WILL NOT regret spending.

First, start taking Zyflamend. Inflammation/joint buffer. Takes a week a two to kick in. Take it to Doc visit.
Then, find an Orthopedic clinic within a hospital system. This gives you an upper hand in that Doctors often refer each other. This is patient management.
Just state the issue. Make sure to say that "it interferes with your daily life", such as cooking, lifting, shower. Do Not mention narcs. Do Not accept narcs. They will see you as drug seeking. Trust me on this.
Don't go from doc to doc. They will find out. Keep your mouth shut, don't offer info. If this is a longtime problem, then say it. Don't say anything until you are asked or have a question. All questions should be in writing so you don't forget. And it makes you look credible.
Start asking older people about Ortho clinics/docs. Look up clinic stats.
No games or tricks, we see right through it. lol.
Good Luck

 I'll look it up, but its not a pain problem, its a structural problem of sorts, ligaments, tendons, muscle fibers,even though I don't know how that works.
Is there any downside to an MRI, besides possible cost?

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Sam Sam
Downside to MRI is having to take the contrast die if Dr. calls for it.
Look at what Dr. Mercola says about it. Contrast die is radioactive
does not flush out of body easily as the Doc's say. can have major
side effects. Refuse it if not absolutely necessary. there are pros
and cons about the strong magnetic force on the body. fewer probably
the better. I had a dislocated shoulder—popped back in and lot of
rehab. no problems. best to get it clearly diagnosed and then find the
best treatments for it. avoid surgeries give it rest , deep heat and
an physical therapy rebuilding program. be gentle with it. stop putting
up solar panels fora while. get smart , hire help and direct them.

use the progressive system…really light weight first for form, very slow, next rep, a little more weight & form, slow, next rep, a little more weight, form and slow, next rep, a little more weight, form and slow…never max your weight, you're looking for form, not further damage and you don't need bulk you need strength and stability…never hyper extend your arms, keep them some what bent so you don't damage the elbow or wrist…always form…always slow and your welcome…I'm now limited to 10 lbs and I miss lifting, it does some much for your head-space…good luck and let me know how you do…Gilbert

Gasser Gasser
stock…Gassers zero med's shoulder fix
From years of Moto Crossing and off road racing I've dislocated both shoulders from some serious crashes and got through them with no doctors or their meds, Delta 9 THC got me back racing within a month or so, though now if I get my arms jammed back like in this video from last Thanksgiving ride it can be quite painful, this last jam pain lasted for 60+ days of somewhat sleepless nights that THC got me through, but I didn't stop riding every weekend even with the pain, this helped strengthen it up and I'm back 100% hard on the gas….zero meds, MRI or CT scans that most would have done…bottom line Doctors suck!….your money that is.
Two weeks later back on the gas as seen on the bottom video…this is some shoulder jerking terrain, nobody rides in my do or die zones…try this at 74 yr old
Ride nuts fast now, die radioactive happy later you did.

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