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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Interview With Chris Busby Challenging the ICRP Dose Model -- Esp. In Regards to Internal Radiation

stock here--- the interviewer is the old "arclight"
Published on Feb 3, 2016
This is an update on some success Prof Chris Busby has had concerning the British nuclear test veterans in the UK and their battle with the UK Ministry of Defence and the Home Office.
New parameters have been set allowing Prof Busby to challenge the MOD on the false science that they are trying to use to support their case against the nuclear test veterans. This is a first in the UK.
This case now has the possibilities of opening up the questions concerning Depleted Uranium and other isotopes that have been deemed to be "low dose".
An article transcript will be available later this week at
Challenging the ICRP dose model with Chris Busby - Court Update


  1. Chris Busby "false science"
    Coot "failed science"

    This is great news that Busby will get to challenge the MOD but his ability to get the documents seems problematic. I look forward to the transcript and following his search for truth.

    I think that if he is given clean documents and of sufficient volume he could set the nuclear industry on it's head. Combine this with all of his previously collected data and support of his associates he has a good chance of changing how the world looks at radiation, all over again.

    Good find Stock,

    1. Roger that, it is arclight that deserves some praise.

    2. DU is less radioactive than natural U. Its not nuclear toxcicity but chemical. Barking up the wrong tree. Whats your beef with nature? Reality check- fossil put more radionuclides in the atmosphere than nuclear energy. And you dont squawk about Navy SMRs. Why is that? Are you against the concept of fission? Because fission is a natural process.

    3. I am against chemicals and radiation, especially mixed together, killing people and animals and plants, and our ecosystem

    4. Chemical and radioactive reactions occur naturally in our atmosphere and planet. Its a necessity of life. You really don't understand the physical world.

  2. Busby is a clod. Every time he says something it shows antinuke desperation.

    1. I emailed your comment to Busby and your identity.

    2. Big whoop. You think he cares if someone with rad protection education and training can see through his sham? He's antinuclear yet also antiscience. His constituents are Green Party acolytes and other antinukes. Hos message doesn't play to the real experts.


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