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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

LANL Radiation Lab Worker Escorted Off Property and Resigns Amidst Serious Crime Charges

stock here...just fell across this article, seems like it is only local news, but should be national headlines.

LANL is Los Alamos National Labs, they have performed all kinds of radiation related work for the government over many decades.  They work with very dangerous and poisonous stuff.

 stock here--

An LANL worker was physically escorted off the grounds from his worksite.
He was charged with serious crimes of abuse, even kidnapping. His workers refer to him as a "trainwreck ready to happen", a sociopath, a psychopath. People have been of the opinion like this for over half a decade, thinking that he has some dirt on top brass that was preventing him from being fired.
Sounds scary right? All of this was going on whilst LANL was loading nuclear waste, and some of the barrels of waste going to WIPP blew up, scattering plutonium far and wide and creating a billion dollar cleanup
Who was this guy? They say organizations rot from the top, he was the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR.

The Executive Director is only qualified as a lawyer.     Seems to be quite the character.   So these are the people running are dysfunctional national radiation labs?  He spent 18 years at DOE and then took the revolving door into a $500k a year job at LANL

Here is an isolated news story

 His own workers called him a "token hispanic" and a sociopath and psychopath. 

 He was in charge of the barrels that blew up at WIPP, that story is here: 


We knew through the grapevine that he was escorted off of LANL property by Security late afternoon on Tuesday. Mr Marquez was quite a character at LANL for years and was the Directors right hand man. Who knows why he was abruptly let go but perhaps his much rumored "Bill Cosby" type behavior caught up with him or something even more unethical. The announcement was not the usual lauding and heaps of praise of a high up manager upon leaving LANL. The true reasons may never be revealed. If I was upper management I would be pleased that he is gone. In the trenches he had a real soiled reputation. So, he gets to leave with his millions and more than likely unpunished, other than losing his high paid job.
Anonymous said...

Rich Marquez, man that guy was a walking lawsuit, nobody liked him. Glad he is gone but I cannot imagine that LANS suddenly got a conscious and did the right thing it must of been something so bad that they had no choice. Well it least it is some good news.

See some of these comments below from people who work at LANL

There is an LANL Board, and contact information below if you would like express an opinion, ask some questions. 

They still list him on the Board of Directors

LANL Foundation
1112 Plaza del Norte
EspaƱola, NM 87532
tel: (505) 753-8890
fax: (505) 753-8915 





Anonymous said...

And there is more!

I don't know what Marquez was trying to do with his email if not to scare people. There are people who misuse their computers, but LANL rarely does anything to them. It would jam up the already jammed up Staff Relations beyond hope. Of course one could say Staff Relations is beyond hope for lots of other reasons as well. And, Lord knows, Rich Marquez is the last person in the world who should be pointing fingers. The skeletons in his closet -- and office, would fill the Physics Auditorium.

Marquez then proceeded to stare at Rep. Debbie Rodella's chest (D-Rio Arriba) contemplatively as he further reflected upon all the goodness that UC has brought to Los Alamos.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8/25/2005 06:53:00 AM

Note to clueless... LANL commenter "adminperf" is the same person who wrote the article. I have to wonder what she means by "the more relaxed form". Seeing as she met with Rich Marquez to write the article, the mind goes wild with the possibilities!

Oh, and don't forget.. keep wearing those shoes that GRIP!
11/4/09, 9:48 PM

Hey, isn't this is former DOE-guy Marquez? A female employee's worst nightmare, but at the Lab he's Mikey's right hand. Birds of a feather, as they say. What a wonderful place this is.
4/27/07, 3:17 PM

I vote for Marquez...visiting the "Posse Shacks" in Georgetown.
4/27/07, 7:20 PM

How dare you malign Mr. Marquez. He negotiated a no-tell exit from DOE when he voluntarily resigned. There is no record of his sexual harrassment of the female employees. If you don't believe me, ask him!
4/27/07, 8:47 PM

Marquez is certainly a great one to lecture anyone on proscribed extracurricular activities in the workplace.

It's not like Marquez has made some inappropriate actions on work time (spelled **harrassment**) during his illustrious career.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 6/01/2005 12:21:00 PM

Guess Rich "I like women" Marquez can leer at women since it doesn't involve misuse of government property.

I once overheard him say that he likens himself to Charlie's Angels, although he calls it "Rich's Angels."

As a Hispanic woman, I find him a disgrace to the Hispanic culture and the reason there is racism.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 6/01/2005 12:36:00 PM
Anonymous said...
I typed in Rich Marquez and LANL Blog and you get a ton of crazy stuff. How on earth did this guy a job at LANL?

Hi Pinky,
This email was making the rounds Friday. My guess is that Rich Marquez asked for this cheat sheet to be developed for his own use.

Richard Marquez is king of the sexual harassers. And kings, as we know, follow no rules.
10/15/09, 9:07 AM

Never even crossed my mind to use my cell phone to photograph the secretary's butt as she bends over to pick up a staple. Imagine what Sir Marquez has stored on his cell.
10/15/09, 9:16 AM

Richard Marquez gets an extra special 90 minute video to watch for his sexual harassment training. It goes by the name of "Debbie Does Dallas".
10/26/09, 8:59 PM

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Anonymous said...
Marquez has been getting away with his sexist, arrogant crap for at least 15 years as an upper manager. Good riddance.
Anonymous said...
A complete zero who was Charlie's token Hispanic. He won't be missed by anyone. Here's a tip, Charlie. You cannot throw a stone without hitting a qualified Hispanic in Northern New Mexico. Next time don't fill the slot with a loser.

Anonymous said...
A complete zero who was Charlie's token Hispanic. He won't be missed by anyone. Here's a tip, Charlie. You cannot throw a stone without hitting a qualified Hispanic in Northern New Mexico. Next time don't fill the slot with a loser.

February 11, 2016 at 7:34 PM

Marquez long predates Charlie. He was also John Browne's gofur, and was (somehow) kept on for Nanos (not surprising) and Kuckuk (very surprising). And then Anastasio and Mcmillan. He left a trail of abused women and fired underlings who dared to question his behavior. One can only hope that the characterization of his departure indicates a pending indictment for sexual harassment; maybe he finally picked on the wrong woman.
Anonymous said...
Alleged Domestic Violence? Wow there is a surprise.

Anonymous said...
Wow, times are changing. Rich Marquez seemed like a J. Edgar Hoover figure in his ability to survive changes of administration. We always figured he had the goods on somebody (just like Hoover) and was hence untouchable.
Anonymous said...

From The Santa Fe article, hol* *t this sounds crazy.

"Last August Marquez was charged with four offenses in a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend. The charges included battery against a household member, false imprisonment, interference with communication and larceny under $500. Marquez denied the charges and they were dismissed a few weeks later when the woman told prosecutors she did not want to pursue the case."

The girlfriend told police Marquez had been monitoring her cellphone and refused to leave her home when asked. She also said Marquez physically prevented her from leaving and “tackled” her to take her car keys away from her. When she attempted to call the police, he took her phone. He then blocked her driveway with his truck. The girlfriend asked her neighbor to call the police.

Marquez denied the woman’s account of the exchange at the time, and the woman told the police she did not want to file a report “because her boyfriend was ‘well connected’ and she did not want to get him into trouble.”

The girlfriend also showed police an email she said Marquez had written and sent from her computer saying she intended to “destroy his career.”

Both Montano and Walp said Thursday that should an investigation be reopened, Marquez would be “at the top of [the] list” for questioning.

“Mr. Marquez knows where all the bodies are buried,” Walp said.

Maybe Walp has point about this guy? We have real winners at LANL.

Anonymous said...

Beth Sellers now Rich Marquez, seems like there is be some real ethical lapses at the
highest level of the lab management. Why to go LANS! The thing that gets me is
that Marquez was already a known piece of work when they hired him and we had 15 years of this flipping psychopath, what the bloody hell is wrong with LANL? Maybe we really should just close it down and start again somewhere else. This place is just unbelievable.
Anonymous said...
Creepy is an understatement when you are around this guy. He will probably end up on the next contract with the whoever bids.... Watch it happen.
Anonymous said...
has anyone else noticed that northern New Mexican men seem to mistreat women disproportionately to other men? I have seen and heard of way too much of this crap.
Anonymous said...
Rich Marquez's was John Tapia's mentor. Tapia is the Deputy Division Leader for ASM (Procurement) and is now under investigation with the DOE Office of Inspector General. Laboratory management has these crooked Hispanic's at these visible positions to promote their propaganda scheme that LANL is diversified. Tapia has time and time again been reported to upper management, HR, Ombuds, anyone that may listen. No one wanted to do anything about him because he was closely associated with Rich Marquez and Carolyn Zerkle. He's a sociopath!!!
Anonymous said...
In addition to John Tapia, another one of Rich Marquez's protege's is Carolyn Zerkle, a top ranking management official at LANS, the one that an earlier blogger characterized as holding hands with Craig Leisure when McMillan announced losing the contract.

Carolyn is known for having the Zerkle circle, a group of employees who are in her inner circle, kind of a like a high school girl clique where Carolyn is the head cheerleader I guess. There is reportedly a unique email distribution for these individuals with a address.

Her Zerkle circle is comprised of many underqualified employees. One of them is Albert Jiron, a former school teacher who during his career at LANL, including chief of staff to Richard Marquez, has been recycled through a multitude of "acting" leadership roles. He once managed procurement during the time of the procurement fraud waste and abuse. He is now an acting division leader paid a high salary exceeding $200K and for which his own management team and technical staff openly asks that he (Albert) remain in his office making coffee since that is the limit of his skill set.

It is time for DOE to investigate the salaries of individuals such as Albert Jiron who are only placeholders for different management positions in the Laboratory and whose sole purpose is to earn a high salary to perform zero contract work for DOE except to make coffee. Only at LANL is this an openly acceptable business practice to place selected individuals as placeholders in highly paid positions and then be reimbursed by DOE for that practice just because they are part of the Zerkle circle.

How is this not fraud waste and abuse for Carolyn Zerkle to select Albert Jiron to "manage" a technical division and program at LANL, knowing he does not possess the acumen nor is qualified to be paid hundreds of thousands of DOE funds. How prevalent is this practice?

How many in the Zerkle circle are as similarly underqualfied and are underperforming jobs and DOE is not aware it is reimbursing the Lab under the contract?

Perhaps it is time for DOE to terminate the contract now. The money being wasted is significant and the wasteful business practices are way over the top. I hope that DOE is able to recoup this money when it closes out the contract. It would be worth the money expended by DOE to perform a post award audit of LANL to send the message that contractors of DOE cannot rip it off. DOE will certainly get its money back.
Anonymous said...
I understand that now that Bechtel has "lost" the LANS contract, it is bringing in its surplus engineering staff to fill vacant positions at LANL. It does not matter that these individuals do not possess the proper skills, it is a way for LANS to get reimbursed by DOE and for Bechtel to cover its corporate overhead. So this is the revenge of Bechtel against DOE by backfilling its vacancies with underqualified and/or unqualified Bechtel individuals. This is just causing additional loss of employee morale to have a 28 year old Bechtel construction engineer to manage a critical significant scientific program at LANL and having seasoned technical staff members report to such an inept engineer. The Lab continues to lose the engagement of its incredible scientific talent by these greedy business practices.

I agree. 2017 is too far away to allow the contract to continue. Stop it now....


  1. Human beings from all walks of life are flawed creatures. Why pick on nuclear over the sins of onew person. The nuclear industry is built on the no single failure causing a chain of larger events. Lots of checks. Seems to me they are doing their jobs by sending a lone person, a bad apple whether the tip or bottom, packing. Sexual harassment in the workplace must not be tolerated regardless of position or individual,or industry.

  2. It shows the revolving door, the inherent corruption in the DOE and the nuclear industry. This sociopath worked for DOE for 18 years, and then rose to the top of a National Lab with no engineering or science degree.

    that is the problem, humans and nuclear on the same planet.

  3. People that work for the FAA had careers in the private sector. It's the way things are. A job is a job. Learn to understand regulators want people with industry experience and vice versa. Unique skill sets are hard to find. They don't grow degreed nuclear professionals on trees. Their skills are developed through unique experiences which makes them uniquely qualified. Do you think you can step into an NRC senior technology staff position without the right creds? And this dalliance doesn't cut it. You need pedigree for the job.

    1. You need brainwashing of the precious, or the right creds like the bitch they installed into Hanford? Shes a lawyer.

      Explain that.


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