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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Microcephaly and Radiation, a Story of Hanford Radiation and Scientific Proof


Microcephaly is a malformation associated with in utero exposed atomic bomb survivors and can be induced in mice by fetal exposure to ionizing radiation (IR). The pathogenesis of IR-induced microcephaly, however, has not been fully understood. Our analyses of high-coverage expression profiling (HiCEP) demonstrated that the abnormal spindle-like microcephaly associated gene (ASPM) was down-regulated in irradiated human diploid fibroblasts. ASPM was recently reported as the causative gene for MCPH-5, the most common type of congenital microcephaly in humans. Here, we show that the expression of the Aspm gene was significantly reduced by IR in various human and murine cells. Additionally, Aspm was found downregulated in the irradiated fetal mouse brain, particularly in the ventricular zones. A similar suppression was observed in the irradiated neurosphere cultures. This is the first report suggesting that the suppression of Aspm by IR could be the initial molecular target leading to the future microcephaly formation.
Pronuclear people try to pretend that Microcephaly is caused by other things, like being fat.
greennukes 4 minutes ago
You know what else we have here? Big, fat people. My friend thinks the pesticides in our farming community is the cause of anencephaly. That would explain why Yakima is affected. Lots of farming in the Columbia basin and Yakima valley. But why us and not other farming communities? The anti nuke people think it has something to do with Hanford.

But Yakima shouldn't be affected then and there is no link with radiation and anencephaly historically. Like I said, another thing we have here that affects all those counties mentioned is big fat people. Some of the biggest and fattest in the US (9th in the US).

Obesity interferes with the absorption of folic acid. We know that folic acid deficiency is the predominant factor in neural tube defects. Well, if those women are taking extra folic acid in their prenatal, how can they still be folic acid deficient? Obesity interferes with folic acid absorption.
That is something to read on as well. The other theories don't make very good sense in light of what we know about neural tube defects.

I use to think tampons caused cervical cancer because they were full of "chemicals!!!!". Turns out Human Papilloma Virus causes cervical cancer.......and lots of throat cancers and lots of rectal cancer. Cancer as a sexually transmitted diseases. They will most likely find that prostate cancer has some similar opportunistic organism etiology as well.

There are thinks that make sense in light of what we know and things that don't. Immunizations, fluoride in the water, GMOs, chemicals, pesticides, radiation......all these boogey men when in reality, good old opportunistic organisms and a crappy lifestyle are all we really need to do us in.


800,000(!) cpm liquids leaking into the groundwater at Hanford.
Plutonium spilled onto WA highways…
Massive increases in birth defects in all counties surrounding Hanford. The most contaminated place in the Western Hemisphere.
During periods of WW2, 2 Million Gallons of rad waste water was dumped into the ground EVERY DAY right next to the Columbia River.
Vast numbers of dead and mutated animals around Hanford.
Nuclear kills babies.


  1. Proving causality beyond that required to discount every other cause is nearly impossible. The gene for microcephaly hasn't been isolated as being caused by irradiation. As much as you would like to believe it, you haven't proven anything. The tactic here is throw enough s*it at the wall and somethings gonna stick. It could be heavy metal chemical induced as well. Let's see the vetted paper that CDC endorses.

    1. Ah, the classic nukist lie "you can't prove it". Tell that to those mothers whose worst nightmare has been provided by the nuclear waste industry.

    2. Courts award $72M to family even though a direct mechanism showing causation of cancer was never found, only theories.

  2. If you can't bring forth direct scientific evidwnce then all you have is theory and conjecture. Courts awarding anything isn't proof, just sign of smooth talking lawyers and sympathetic jury and judge. You think OJ did it? Doesn't matter Courts aren't scientific bodies. You have nothing

    1. LOL and thus the earth was lost. By correlation deniers.

      You are simply hiding behind a perverted interpretation of science which protects your "right" to make the precious. Shame shame

    2. Who perverts science? Lol. That's about the funniest thing that you have said.

    3. Precious is anything valuable.

    4. Precious is anything valuable.

    5. Who perverts science? Lol. That's about the funniest thing that you have said.

  3. Correlation isn't causation. Even mediocre statisticians know that.

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