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Monday, February 1, 2016

Quake Watch Update - Odds of Large Earthquake Increased Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia

I look at 3 time periods three years apart:  January 24 to 31 in 2014, 2015, 2016

Here is what you need to know....after a series of earthquakes along a fault system, there are stresses release by a particular quake, but it also puts stresses on nearby areas.

They tend to "fill in" so that stress is relieved along the entire fault, look at 2014 and 2015, immediately below.    Then look at 2016, some large quakes, but even after a week, there are large areas which are not filled in, the stress is still there and building.

This increases the likelihood of a large earthquake and volcanic eruptions.   There is no better time than now to get prepared.

As with USA many of the recent earthquakes have been directly at volcanic formation, so eruptions at volcanoes are also possible.

--------------------------------------------------------------to test the theory, I went back in the records to come up with 1 week spans from prior years to see what the earthquake distribution looked like.

Mostly, the fault lines are fairly well filled in in a one week span.    I did all for March 3 to March 10, and the year is listed in the chart

One week before 311, aka March 11, 2011 here is what is looked like

 Lets review 2016, now.   Which year does it look like the most....looks like 2013 a little bit, but not really.   

In this close up you can see how poorly the fault lines were filled in, and the 9.0

After that huge release, other areas had to move to get used to the new normal


  1. Time to watch this area as a big volcano became active there. The Watchers and Strange covering it.

    Also, didn't you post something, some time ago, on quakes in the South Georgia, So. Sandwich Is. area off S. Amer.?
    I am doing a new story and would like to link to it.

    1. Bristol Island, took me a while to find this link, lol

  2. ... I have the story up - ( I may add to it later) -


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