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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"stock" banned from ENE, and then IP blocked as DOS attack on ENENEWS is terminated

1 day after "Breaking" the Hillary Clinton scandal of her killing Americans by covering up the Fukushima disaster and not telling people to take simple precautionary actions.....on ENENEWS

2 things

First ---A denial of service attack took ENE out of the picture for a while. 

Second ---  ENENEWS returns to service, but "stock" who had been there since the BP oil spill and provided many contributions, original work, and promotion for ENENEWS had more than just his account be suspended, but also had his IP blocked so that he couldn't even view the site, much less comment.

Seems like they have pulled out all the stops, and blackmailed admin into the ban......"Ya, just make that stock  go away and ban his IP too, and then this denial of service attack will stop"

The powers that be hate the truth, and there is a LOT riding on this election.    This next presidency will either take a stand against the NWO globalists and reverse some of the mess they already legislated, OR sell us totally down the river, forever.   

stock out.

As you may be aware I broke the story of Hillary Clinton's email trail that shows very clearly that she killed Americans by lying about and covering up Fukushima even though she had the knowledge of the danger and the protective actions in hand.

Instead, she went to Japan and cut a deal with them that we would continue to buy their contaminated food.

Obviously, this information would be very damaging in the election process going on now.
A big question is however, what did Hillary get from Japan that she needed to discuss with their rulers in person?

I have been knocked off ENENEWS, couldn't even see the site on any of 4 computers, since then. I thought it was admin that removed my account, but the IP blocking of not even being able to see ENENEWS at ALL was like insult to injury. But at same time, many users also lost access to ENENEWS. 

So it Appears that Hillary's minions (think NSA sorts) somehow compelled an IP block from my router to ENENEWS specifically.

Very interesting to say the least.

I had to change a MAC address and then reconnect everything to the internet and my internal computer network…annoying to say the least!

I don't know how an outside party could perform such an IP block to a "private" website. Maybe Dud or Jebus knows what level of hack that would require.

Just doing my part in the walk on part in the war.

Alan Reid
Been clicking for two days trying to log into ENEnews. must be something going on.


  1. They did the same to me. I only posed a dissenting opinion and my expertise. I did not engage in trolling behavior even though you called me "high quality". People there didnt know what to make of me. Enenews was not an exclusive antinuclear haven and virtual war room for activists. But the majority made it that way and ran me off. So they continue to wade in the shallow end of the pool. There was no one there that could hold a candle to what I know or have done. Its as if Chuck Yeager was arguing with an RC model airplane flyer over complex high G maneuvers. So I gave up trying to educate them and left them to stew in their own juices. That site self destructed over its own stupidity and its cult-like followers.

    1. I think you missed the point. Please re-read it. Its a shot at the government that pays your salary. The minions of the Clinton's

      Oh, the high quality troll, lol

    2. I dont think the govt shut you down. I think it was several of the bloggers that collectively was tired of the cyber bullying. Admit it, you sort of had this attitude that you were to be looked as the "pro" when there was an all out blitz to silence anyone connected or trained in the field.

    3. LOL silence anyone trained....incorrect, shows the lies of those sent to support the nuke cartel, regardless of the damage it caused.

    4. Fascinating how these pro nuclear guys act like only they know about nuclear technology and the myriad of risks it carries with it. Sorry Loose Nukes but it doesn't take a degree in nuclear physics to understand that the technology is insane and unnecessary. We understand men like you make money from promoting nuclear. Hell has a nice warm radioactive spot awaiting you and your baby killer pro nuclear friends. We the People will continue to publicly shame you. We will continue to destroy your business. We will continue to wish you an expedited trip to HELL!

  2. It could have been a nice place for constructive dialog. But there are so many that hate the technology because they dont understand the technology or even low level rad effects. They claim a 60+ year history of accidents but at the end of the day, less than 100 deaths. They claim millions died with out evidence. They point to people with alternative science and extremist views not grounded in real scientific evidence. To them antinuclearism is their religion, their belief system that validates their reason they think effed up the planet. It wasn't technology or corporations. In the end it boils down to . Seven billion people on the planet. And the population is exponentially growing.

    No antinuke can effectively state the human race is doomed while the growing population doesn't seem to fit that model

    1. What was your name on there, or names?

    2. I think you know my one avatar. I had some younger followers, mostly people that werent kind. You know, I feel bad they did this to you but dont be too quick to point a finger at the man. I was lurking for awhile and it was pretty evident some of the people there were just way way out there. Genuinely I feel bad for you because you invested all that time in their cause and this is how they repay you.

      My back and forth banter with you for the most part was constructive if you see through the troll tag.

      I think both sides can learn from each other Passions run high on both and both feel justified.

      Do you really think people would stay with something if it were constantly vilified and demonized the way nuclear is wrongly portrayed?

      There has to be a real good reason for investing ones life in such a pursuit.

      My solace is knowing what I know and the path I took to get there. Nothing in life is perfect and nothing in life is free. We have to pay for everything even water and air.

      As engineers we are trained to look at solutions within constraints.

      Antinuclear folks dont realize the constraints of costs. They want infinite safety but that would require infinite costs.

      Then they squawk about how unsafe and costly nuclear is. That doesn't make sense.

      Yet you can't just throw money at the problem in the hopes it would go away.

      Probably the one thing going for nuclear is the fact that now t ghost at the Cold War is over, there is really no need to link military and peaceful usesusesn

      Ironically it was the military threat that drove the peace.

      One day man will evolve to the point where war is obsolete. That won't happen in my lifetime, unless the Book of Revelation occurs.

    3. safety is a goal nuclear can never fully achieve. there are simply too many factors including embrittlement, insufficient funds, lack of thorough foresight... nuclear will never be safe enough for humanity. From uranium & thorium extraction to rad waste management... it's a boondoggle.

    4. growing population that includes babies born with cancer and many getting "rare" diseases... hello....

    5. Depends how you define safety. If its deaths/TW then nuclear is safer than renewables.

    6. Babies born with cancer... tragic.. tens of thousands of causes and you hypothesize nuclear the culprit without any direct evidence for any one specific case. Its not like thalidomide.

    7. There the troll goes again "you can't prove that nuclear is killing your babies"

    8. Loose Nukes, what were your screen names on ENENEWS.COM?? Are you man enough to respond honestly??

    9. So you can't prove it is. I dont have to prove its not. You have to prove it is. Hitchens Razor.

    10. Bully on that, just because you claim a razor doesn't give any substance to your supposed argument. I can claim Occam's razor and then interpret it any way I wish....The simplest answer is that your thinking has been corrupted by a lifetime of chasing the "precious", the free lunch.

      I understand the "sexy" science that is nuclear and radiation. When I started re-studying it in 2011, I was getting drawn into how cool all the science is. I see the allure. But I also know it to be mostly counterproductive.

      Just because we can, doesn't mean we should.

      stock out

    11. loose screw, erh loose nuke says above "Do you really think people would stay with something if it were constantly vilified and demonized the way nuclear is wrongly portrayed? "
      wrongly portrayed?? are you kidding me. first of all the nuke puke cartel has more money than god and can afford spend some of it on spiffy PR firms, albeit, they are so greedy and can't release their death grip on the almighty buck that they need to hire 3rd year political science majors for pennies on the dollar and a possible extra credit point to hype up their death machines under numerous alias's on several websites.... you know loose, it would be real easy for them to avoid all this hassle, rather than spending all that government funding weaponizing these harmful radionuclides, they could figure out how to safely dispose of it so it is not harmful to anyone. but guess what THEY CAN"T DO IT, NO ONE WANTS TO THROW THEIR MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN CAUSE IT IS easier to roll over like the boot licking lap dog whores that they are and sell off their grandkids futures for immediate gratification today. it's called NO HUMANITY. - See mor

    12. TY laurie, slap that nukist with a chitin damaged wet cuttlefish upside the head.

    13. You talk safe disposal. I talk safe burn. Why are you wanting to bury something you can use? Makes no sense to spin a wind turbine to 1 o'clock right? So why throw away 95% of what you can use? Do antinuclear people even realize only 5% is used?

  3. Replies
    1. TY I will visit hounds more a super solar push, so getting busy

  4. Stock you hate nuclear because a loved one died of cancer and you blame radiation. You said it many times. It's clouded your technical knoknowledge. Even though you might enjoy bashing the man you realize all this is futile. Even in the US and even Wisconsin they will eventually return to nuclear. It's inevitable. Why? Because we as a world leader will never be as Germany will go. We would still buy nuclear from Canada

  5. Kinda hard to take that from somebody that cannot seem to spell "knoknowledge". lolz
    I would bet that we all love Potassium 40 though! :)
    (do note Quebec has halted "nukular", like Germany. One province down, two to go (BOOM!) WHPPSS!!)

    Quote of "stalky" (lolz): "I don't know how an outside party could perform such an IP block to a "private" website. Maybe Dud or Jebus knows what level of hack that would require."

    First, i'm flattered that you remember me.
    Second, am not a "hacker".

    After reading comments on the matter on the oft ineptly maligned ENEnews, some things do pop into mind. Bear in mind that Confucious say, i could be Wong.

    1) The main Login button wouldn't work for most, yet "Reply to" did.
    Perhaps somebody was attempting to "wardial" the Login
    to perhaps "brute-force" some seldom-used accounts.
    2) It might have been possible for somebody to have obtained your MAC ID & cloned it themselves
    to make it appear that you were the one hacking in.
    3) Window$ 7 may have accrued many vulnerabilities since an allegation was that M$ wasn't patching 7 as much as 8. Will dig up link, if requested.

    Title: "It's 2016 and idiots still use '123456' as their password"

    Title: "Anonymous Hacks Syrian President's Email. The Password: 12345 - Mashable"

    Quote1: "
    [King Roland has given in to Dark Helmet's threats, and is telling him the combination to the "air shield"]
    Roland: One.
    Dark Helmet: One.
    Colonel Sandurz: One.
    Roland: Two.
    Dark Helmet: Two.
    Colonel Sandurz: Two.
    Roland: Three.
    Dark Helmet: Three.
    Colonel Sandurz: Three.
    Roland: Four.
    Dark Helmet: Four.
    Colonel Sandurz: Four.
    Roland: Five.
    Dark Helmet: Five.
    Colonel Sandurz: Five.

    Dark Helmet: So the combination is... one, two, three, four, five? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard in my life! That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage! "

    Quote2: "
    President Skroob: Did it work? Where's the king?
    Dark Helmet: It worked, sir. We have the combination.
    President Skroob: Great. Now we can take every last breath of fresh air from Planet Druidia. What's the combination?
    Colonel Sandurz: 1-2-3-4-5
    President Skroob: 1-2-3-4-5?
    Colonel Sandurz: Yes!
    President Skroob: That's amazing. I've got the same combination on my luggage.
    Dark Helmet, Colonel Sandurz: [looks at each other] "

    DO use strong passwords. It's a pain in the asp, yet is worth it. Write 'em down if site security isn't a problem. Store away from 'puter. Better yet, get a surplus Barcode scanner to semi-automate the task.

    Don't use WiFi (it is SOHOpless) - use LAN.

    Back to life offline.


    1. Another possibility comes to mind.
      Perhaps the dDOS attack was at least partly FROM your computer although without your knowledge.

      One thing i like about using linuxLive! on DVD is that when i turn the computer off, everything is erased, except that which i burn to DVD+RW. It is what they call "immutable". It's a PITA to configure every single time, yet i have a lot of practice at it now. ;)

      Quote: "Tonight it ain't right
      I got to have me a week
      But I'll be back for you, Jack
      And I'll let the machine speak

      That's right
      That's right
      That's right"

      from Deg├╝ello - Thanks to Billy Gibbons, Frank Lee Beard & Joe Michael Hill (my second favorite concert - The Who was numero uno)

    2. PPS: SD's 1st post was Oct 31st, 2013
      GOMer was in Jan 2014, on the coattails of one soccer ref. There's more, much more that seemingly coincide with ("nukular" embarassment) secrecy law.

      Then again, perhaps many appear reasonable for so long, until some malevolency-crewmember discovers (prolly illegally) that their chosen assword was 1-2-3-4-5? Hmm.

      It's a "nukular" war, neh?

      PPPS: ENE stated preferred contact method was via FaceCrook, BTW. His posting frequency changed dramatically mid-2014.


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