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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stop the Krill Kill! Radiation Kills Krill, It Bio-Magnifies In Their Chitin Shell

In this previous bombshell article from last week we uncovered a vast truth about

1) The Animals (Including Bees and Butterflies) that have been seeing mass die-offs
2) The Animals that rely on eating these critters that are seeing mass die-offs
3) The common factor, chitin body structures and radiation
4) A scientific link between the two, showing clearly that radiation is the cause of mass die offs.


The next step is to:

1) Make this widespread knowledge
2) Shame the so called marine science Industry into doing some proper testing
3) Gather enough data so that multi-billion dollar decisions can be made to protect our oceans

And let's start with

Stop the Krill Kill!

After all with attention spans less than a goldfish, we need One Liners!

Krill are really cool, they are like a shrimp dinner for the whole ocean.

Krill oil has just become really popular, but maybe we ought to make it unpopular, if we want to have an ocean food chain that functions.

I posted a question on Amazon on the site of Viva Labs Krill
asking if radiological testing has been done. Got this reply.
Totally inadequate. Replied back that they need to do
testing and cannot assume the Antarctic is radiation free.

Viva Labs Customer Care answered:

Our krill are sourced from the Antarctic Ocean, known to be the cleanest bodies of water in the world. Our krill are not exposed to radiation which is why we feel testing is not necessary at this time. Products most affected by radiation are those sourced off the coast of Japan, which were exposed to radioactive particles from the Fukushima disaster. Our krill are not sourced from this area. Currently the only product that is tested for radiation is our prenatal DHA product, showing undetectable levels with every batch.

I hope that this information has been helpful. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to message me at and I would be happy to assist you.


Viva Labs Customer Care"
Per Sam also------
Put in a call to Dr. Mercola's outfit and have not heard back yet.
Would like to know as I need a good source of Omega 3's.
Have to be careful with flax as lot of it is GMO.
So how clean is the Antarctic ocean? How are the whales
doing down there?


  1. I am adding this to my Jay Cullen article ... you see his tweets (panic mode)?

  2. ...

    1. They are circling the pro nuke wagons , Jay is spamming the Globe and Mail link i posted in enenews. I see a lot more heavy hitters from the pro nuke side since the latest Tritium leak at Indian Point , not just noobs parroting the nuke cartel.

    2. I sense a disturbance in the force of the nukists!

      TIPP them

  3. NY Times just found out about insect die-off ...

    1. Ya, glad they are so on top of things. I will be setting up 2 or 3 honeybee hives in April

  4. good vid - (no need to understand language)
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