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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Taking Back the Narrative on The Carbon Lie--Chart of CO2 Plotted Against Temperature

I have been looking for this one for a while, and will add to this later.    But want it posted so I can't lose it.

Bottom line, nuclear is now pushing hard that "nuclear is essential" to fight Carbon.    It is a fake narrative out of the gate.

I had this to say at ENE

Taking back the narrative: When you start with the wrong premise, you are not likely to get to good answers.
First it was CO2, then just referred to as Carbon, now the narrative just points at "climate goals"
The narrative gets further from the point, CO2. CO2 itself is not a pollutant, but can be useful in estimating the amounts of other pollutants.
CO2 is a plant food
But most important CO2 is not correlated or causative of global warming.
Even the narrative of Global Warming had to change, as even the hardcore warmistas realized that the earth was not warming, unless you believe the data that NOAA and the MET jiggered in order to push for the Paris agreement. Now the narrative is Climate change.
Everything needs to be altered in the narrative, because the facts don't fit the original theory.
Let me repeat, CO2 is not correlated or causative of global warming or climate change for that matter.


A serious commenter below provided this chart as a link, I added comments

Here is where you can download CRUD data directly


  1. The HadCRUT4 temperature graph is a complete fabrication. It does not represent HadCRUT4 observations.

    Here is a real graph from the UK website.

    Note that 2015 set another new high temperature record.

    Here is a monthly chart.
    Data source:

    1. Bill I appreciate your comment and links. I disagree since I myself have plotted the data, and have put my chart into the post above also, along with your chart and my comments. Please feel free to continue the narrative.

    2. Trending doesnt say anything. Look at the statistics and the higher moments. There is global warming and a CO2 connection. Remember CO2 rises are also proportionate to population rises. Are you calling for eugenics? Because it sure sounds like it.

      Oh and using ENE as your sounding board doesnt cut it either.

      How long have tou been tilting now?

      In five years, kids who were juniors in hs in 2011 are receiving nuclear engineering degrees this year. They are way ahead of you.

    3. LOL those kids are graduating $250,000 in debt. I am already retired. Except for my one job.....

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