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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Mass Die Offs Now Seem To Be Hitting the Humans On Weak Ecosystems

Human Death Rates up  5.4% in 2015

It should be very clear that the entire food chain is being depleted, and it appears the oceans are hardest hit.   However, the GMO and Roundup devastation on land may be simply a coverup for how bad it is on land also.

The ocean's bat last.    

Record number of worldwide shark attacks in 2015 linked to 'double whammy' of climate change, El Nino
Here is the Human Death Rate story.

Seems like they are trying to blame the excess deaths on excess cold, related to global warming, and the need for more government money and more vaccines.

UK death rates up 5.4%

So now it's not just the mures, not just the whales.    Get ready for the next phase.

Here is the proof on how pollution of the oceans have impacted the food chain by destruction of the body structures of various animals that are very important on the food chain.

It is the smoking gun.   It is kind of amusing and amazing that I am the first person to put these obvious facts together.


  1. You beacon, and you have a knack with syntax: "get ready
    for the next phase."

    1. Ya TY, first I have to figure out what that next phase might look like.

  2. They hide all these mortality stats ...
    Great find!

    1. Ya, the real news is getting harder to find.


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