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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nuclear Poetry -- From A Death You Cannot Prove By or-well

ala or-well

"Reports of tumors
are no more than rumors
spread by conspiracy-paranoid Doomers.

No "Authorized Study"
shows such results,
for Best Happy Data

it's best to consult
Appointed Specialist Media Talkers."
(AKA shills and soulless Skin-walkers).

Nobody's dying from what can't be proved
to be anything other than what pre-existed
because relevant data has all been removed

or baseline comparison hopelessly twisted
by studies NOT DONE, covered up, cherry-picked,
but give us more funding,

and we'll get this thing licked,
with Professorial spit and some polish
you'll be good-to-go

on your way to a death
from what you can't know.


  1. We live in a society of fact or faith. If you don't have facts, you take it on faith. And faith isn't science rather ideology. And all ideologies claim Truth. Yet only one Truth. Sunday.Sunday. Sunday...

  2. You have to understand that your pseudo-philosophical nonsense is just a point of comedy for the readers here. Your lack of real arguments, and the fact that those "facts" you speak of so often NEVER show up in your arguments. You make fallacy after fallacy and just keep on repeating. Take your credentials and make them public. Dox urself, tell me why anyone here would believe that you are anything but a troll reading from a script.

    1. Nice comments Geeraham, indeed the troll never has facts, just the same stale lies

      Lie, rinse, repeat ---the cartel way.

    2. Oh you're hilarious. You're the one reading from a script, without any factual basis. You pull things out of your backside spit balling ideas from rat farmers. I don't put out lies. I challenge the antinuclear camp to really prove anything and they pull out the same bs from antinuclear ideologues masquerading as scientists. The real comedy is your accusations without substance or merit. LNT-derived millions dead, Chernobyl casualties that aren't there, other yarns conflating reason and emotional outrage. You have no cred in the real world where it matters. People like you are also ransom in life. I'm not interested in your ideology. Just don't say you're trying to save mankind while you wipe with scented paper.

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  3. Loose kook madlibs the one-liner version 1.0 ... "You're a (noun)"... "I am a(n) (pronoun) engineer!"... "I save rat farmers from (noun)!"... "Plutonium equals (noun)!" ... "You go (verb) humanity from (noun) and tell me how (adjective) you are!" ...


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