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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

As Fukushima Last Straw Attack on the Northern Ecosystem Rolls Out, 5% of Challenged Village Tries to Kill Themselves.

stock here: as the ecosystem becomes more and more damaged / destroyed by radiation and other toxins, those who rely on a functioning ecosystem are stressed. Stressed to the point that death seems better than a life with no future, no economy, no money, no food. We were at the Murres, now we are at the Northern Tribes. Death that is. Resettlement will "solve" some of the immediate problem

But more counsellors and gyms are not going to provide the people of the Pimicikamak Cree Nation with what they need most: a fundamentally better life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Canadian Village Sees Suicide Spike 1:27

A Canadian tribe declared a state of emergency in their remote territory after the community was ravaged by a spate of suicides attempts.
The Attawapiskat First Nation made the declaration and asked Ottawa for help after 11 residents tried to kill themselves on Saturday, including a 10-year-old, the CBC reported.
"Trying to be positive here, but getting emotional drain," a desperate Chief Bruce Shisheesh said on Twitter. "Need your prayers here."
There have been more than 100 suicide attempts and one death since September among the 2,000 residents of Attawapiskat, which is located in a remote section of Ontario on Hudson Bay, according to the CBC.

Image: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Graham Hughes / AP
"The news from Attawapiskat is heartbreaking," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted. "We'll continue to work to improve living conditions for all Indigenous peoples."


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    1. Ya, these northern ecosystem were complex and robust, to handle at least a certain number of apex predators, including humans. But with the destruction of the food chain, including the effects of the radiation absorbing sponge called chitin biological STRUCTURE, the effects are seen all the way to the top.


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