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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Comcast --- Owned by Wallstreet, Owners of NBC and Universal Studios and More, Is Identified As a Great Evil of Our Time

The potential acquisition would fold DWA into an entertainment conglomerate that controls key properties such as NBC, Telemundo, the USA network and Universal Studios.

Here’s a doozy for you: Although the FCC, like everyone else in America, doesn’t believe Comcast has enough competition in the broadband market, the company tried to argue that it has too much. According to Ars Technica, Comcast reasoned that phone companies and “municipal broadband networks” pose a threat to their service, meaning the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable is necessary to save Comcast from those evil rotary phone barons. That poor, helpless virtual monopoly.
If you’ve ever wondered why even the federal government has more fans than Comcast, here are some good reasons. The notorious cable provider is infamous for trying to destroy Internet freedom, having some of the worst customer service on the planet, and making you wait for hours, sometimes even days, for the cable guy.
But how bad is it, really? Let’s take a look inside the company the Internet loves to hate.

Comcast starts to enable public WiFi Hotspots (using your modem)

I first learned about the Public Hotspot feature a year ago when I wrote about the Comcast modem I had and what a security nightmare it was. Since then I have owned and tested roughly 12 Comcast provided modems before finally purchasing my own. Public Hotspot enables users with XFinity modems to broadcast a second wifi signal, this signal can be picked up by other Comcast customers and joined for wifi anywhere they go. A few days ago this feature was enabled for 50,000 Comcast customers in Houston, Texas and will be enabled for millions of homes across the country by the end of the year according to Comcast.

who owns Comcast, its Wallstreet

And what is Comcast investing in?


  1. This wouldn't have anything to do with the murder of a Supreme Court justice recently... would it?

    1. I haven't viewed that rabbit hole, how does Scalia fit in?

  2. Comcast blows. I bought the MLB extra innings and they don't allow streaming on my phone, tablet, or computer. Gyp.


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