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Friday, April 8, 2016

Foxes in Fukushima are So Starved, They Hang Out For Handouts At the Nuclear Plant, And They Are Pissed

I know how to read dogs, I know how to read Foxes, this one is just pissed off.

Source is here

picture here

 Below is a picture of my younger dog, waiting at the Vet.   What an expression!


  1. Fact of the matter is that they relied on people outside the plant boundary for food. Now they are going where the people are at. Doesn't it surprise you that many folks put in lots of time at the plant closest to the radioactive source, yet those that lived next door are nowhere to be found?

    1. WTF are you talking about, your sentence structure makes no sense.

      methinks you got a glutamine receptor problem in yous brain.

  2. forget about his structure and understand the meaning.. the fox are having to come closer to humans for food, which is a desperate move.. and the boundaries that outlined the furthers civilization around the plant is gone, which was the natural boundary of the fox.. geez

    1. Indeed even though like Chernobyl, the ecosystem should have a huge boost by the lack of humans and the lack of humans spraying and using chemicals everywhere....but instead the ecosystem is badly damaged.

      The foxes can't even find birds and other small critter to eat.


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