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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Glutamate Inhibittion -- A link Bectween Man made Radiation and Parkinsons, ADHD, strokes, autism

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I will have some type of "slice of life" analysis of my 5 week trip to Hawaii, almost all work related.

Quick summary:

1) A neighbor and a good friend both developed Parkinsons since 2011.    
2) A tenant has a daughter who has exasperated autism since 2011
3) The Aloha on Oahu at least, seems decreased by 50% since 2011
4) People are stressed in Hawaii, financial is a big part of it, but dealing with aging and diseases is also part of it.
5) People just "look" a lot more weather beaten than ever before
6) LOTS more people in personal transportation devices
7) No freaking whales, I haven't seen a single whale after spending about 20 total hours on the beach
8) Near shore sea life, consisting of very small fish, too small to spear, looked pretty OK.   Very little live coral, but that has been an on going disaster for decades.   


Is GLUTAMATE inhibition (or damage to the glutamate receptor cells) the link between Nuclear-Radiation exposure + Parkinson's Disease, ADHD, strokes, autism…?
'Code Shutdown' posted a very important link and comment on GLUTAMATE –>
Here's Code:

"hey, this is important; Bandazhevsky finds the balance of excitatory/inhibitory neurotransmitters is severely affected by nuclear fallout. Specifically glutamate and glycine. Remember all the animals having siezures and dying from supposed shellfish poisoning? (domoic acid binding to glutamate receptors). stock needs to put this on his site"
Wikipedia says:
"Glutamate receptors have been found to have an influence in ischemia/stroke, seizures, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, and aching,[45] addiction[46] and an association with both ADHD[47] and autism."
Nuclear Radiation –> glutamate inhibition or damage to receptor cells –> Parkinson's Disease, ADHD, Autism, Strokes, etc. ???

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CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
and again, dont forget the seizures….and the brain damaged scientists…
"violent seizures, vomiting, permanent neurological damage and even heart failure within two days…
So the mystery is, where is the domoic acid that they’re acquiring? We’re not measuring it in the mussels and shellfish near shore.”

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Hey don't forget a cup of calming tea 30 kGr (USA, NZ, AU) of cobalt 60 ionised radiation bombardment. Pity irradiated food was directly linked to killing cats in Australia. Violent seizures, vomiting, permanent neurological damage.


  1. This glutamate receptor connection with serious adverse events after exposure with nuclear radiation as spoken about above, would that be the reason that all beverages, fruit yogurts, "foods" etc. are being inundated with MSG and corn sirup (loaded with glutamate)?
    This sounds to me as a binary weapon: corrupt the food and then activate its content...

    1. I don't think the Billionaire Globalists bastards are that "smart"? lol


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