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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our Planet Is At Grave Risk of Hemisphere Wide Blackout and 50 Nuclear Plants Melting Down

Let me start with this.   I am an expert in theory and practice of protecting electrical and electronics from EMF destruction.   I have designed and built protective systems for the most crucial of US government command/control/communication systems.   Systems so critical that in tying in the new systems, it required months of planning for a temporary shutdown, and literally an approval from the US Congress. 
Our Planet Is At Grave Risk of Hemisphere Wide Blackout and 50 Nuclear Plants Melting Down

This does pose an interesting theory.   The sun may be "judge" in which hemisphere becomes the ruler/survivor after a Carrington type Event.    One hemisphere, plus a bit more since the earth is spinning, and the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) takes place over time, will be blacked out, and society will implode upon itself leaving few living, as 98% of the sheeple realize that they can't eat the rumors of how the Kardashians keep their skin so glowing.

Speaking of glowing, do you know what happens when power grids go down?    Nuclear plants ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE the presence of an outside power grid in order to keep operating.   When the grid fails, they go into an emergency shutdown mode.    Now imagine what would happen if its not just the grid down, but all the electronics are fried also, all the computers are broke?   Do you think the emergency shutdown systems of the nuclear plants will actually function correctly?

Would you think that the nuke plant workers and supervisors, who usually live quite close to the plant, will stay on duty, trying to control the risk, or will they leave to gather their family and try to escape the area.    Most will just leave.   The 2nd and 3rd shift will not report for duty, and in fact there will be no way to contact them.

There are 440 operating nuclear plants in the world, so perhaps 250 of them will be affected by the upcoming Carrington Event.    I say upcoming, because it is just a matter of time.  Watch the video below, there are 2 big things at play:
1) The earths magnetic field is a shield that protects us from Sun CME, and it is weakening
2) The sun is in a multi century type of "funk" of low sunspots, which actually put us at far greater risk of a large CME.

So WHEN the next Carrington event occurs, one half of the earth, will be wiped out, and the other half will be "victors".   Except for this most inconvenient truth.....the nuclear plants melting down will release so much radiation and heavy metals and ionized particles, that the earth and almost all life forms will be toast.  Even if only 20% of the 250 nuke plant affected do actually melt down, that will be an extinction level event.

We know a Carrington type event will occur eventually, and we know that if 50 nuke plants melt down  uncontrollably that all life will be extinguished.   So mankind with its 3 pound insane monkey brain decides to extend the life of clunker nuclear plants, and engage on a nuclear renaissance.  

Mankind could harden the electrical grids, for billions of dollars.    This won't for the most part protect our "precious" electronics, but an operable grid will certainly aid recovery, under a different ruling country of course.


  1. Very good!
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  2. What a load. Nukes don't need outside power when cooling circuits remain in tact. It's called natural circulation.


    1. Fukushima, learn, shame shame shame on you

  3. This article is very good however we seem to be missing two rather large elephants in the room. The first one: It doesn't have to be a Carrington event. Any event that causes nuclear reactors to be unmanned is an extinction level event. So that would include Pandemics, wars, a roll on effect from one meltdown, etc. etc. So imagine that a reactor in France or Belgium goes into full scale meltdown because a plane crashed into it. The country is evacuated. What about the remaining 54 reactors in France alone? The second one: Let's not forget the hundreds of thousands of tons of hot highly radioactive waste in cooling pools. Unmanned reactor means unmanned cooling ponds which means huge radioactive fires releasing incomprehensible amounts of radiation into the atmosphere. Effectively mankind has signed it's own death warrant. We are on death row waiting for the guard to ask what we would like for our last meal. Not if. When.

    1. Yep, earth hurtling through space, strapped like a suicide bomber with 440 nuke plants and fuel pools ready to exterminate life as we know it.


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