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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Simple Actionable Protections for Entering a Possible Radiation Contaminated Zone -- Say Tokyo or Chernobyl

A bit of prudence on this trip to Japan….

Easy to remember numbers, for the average adult, taking 2000 mg of calcium daily (total from food and supplements) is below the max "tolerable dosage".
1000mg is the Recommended Daily allowance

Calcium helps block Strontium from getting into the bone.
Potassium (including our beloved K40 varietal) blocks cesium from absorbing into muscle and heart.   So it seems the much maligned banana it actually protective of radiation, not causative of radiation.
Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) protects by akalinizing the urine which protect kidneys from uranium deposition. I assume that it would also protect from plutonium as they are just 1 neutron off.
They say monitor urine pH hourly until pH is 8 to 9, continue for 3 days. pH test strips are easy to obtain and use, and cheap.
Also curious that cancer thrives in an acid environment

A "cancer denier" website claims that 30 grams of baking soda per day would be likely to "cause severe health problems"

Any citizen scientists who can run this to ground? Obviously more research is needed.

A few responses here---------------------------------------------
  • obewanspeaks
    After the problems I had with the (DE) I would recommend all products like this and including any baking soda to be heated to say 140 degree for at least 15 minutes prior to consumption to kill all potential bacteria that might be present in these products.
    I would use an oven and a clean container to complete the process.
    With the gasser project you can see he is heating the maple syrup and baking soda over a flame killing any potential bacteria present and then sealing this remedy in capsules.
    30 grams is like 5 teaspoons and that does seem like quite a bit to consume in one day. I use to sprinkle baking soda and (DE) at times in my coffee, and but, since I have yet to heat these products properly in the oven, since my discovery, I have backed off all consumption of these two products.
    The (DE) I purchased clearly stated "Food Grade" and clearly it was not food grade and was loaded with bacteria that should not have been in the product. I contacted the company and told them of my findings and gave them the advice for free to include a warning and proper heating procedures with all sales of their "Food Grade" (DE) products before animal consumption/usage.
    Plenty of people and animals were surely getting sick or having health problems while not realizing the whys..

  • 2400mg/2.4grams is the RDA for sodium.
    Short term might be ok, I think people are very different, a doc,,,your doc, would be a start.
    My friendly box of soda says .6g is a serving.
    50x sounds a little high,,, long term?

  • funny that they link to a study showing effectiveness of bicarb in treating cancer
    Note that Max Gerson was against sodium bicarb because he believed it depolarized the cells. He thought that increasing the cell membrane voltage differential was the way to increase health and treat cancer. Part of his protocol was to take a lot of potassium.
    I would be cautious about taking a lot of sodium bicarbonate except as a specific therapy

    Mercola says---

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