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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Chelation, a Panacea to Our Toxic World? Or a Threat to Our Health and Pocketbook?

Those who are "selling" Chelation seem to have a one sided "good" or "great" view on chelation.

Then there are those who spend massive efforts trying to show how chelation is not a panacea.

I would like to hear your opinion, or send links to your own research, I will post them into the article.


Personally, I like chelation through basic and cheap means like Miso soup with dandelion leafs.   I think that form is useful and not harmful.   First, do no harm.   How far the medical industry has drifted.


Why have I never been diagnosed with accumulation of mercury from medical personnel? My dad was a coal miner for 40 years he was never diagnosed with an accumulation of mercury, nor was my grandfather who was miner for over 50 years? There should be multiple people with accumulation of mercury built up in their system in the area where I live. Coal has been mined here since the 1880s.
 Here is the anti-chelation crowd

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