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Friday, May 20, 2016

US Corporations Are Now Talking About Fukushima and the Death of the Pacific

stock here, see near bottom, this publicily held US corporation goes on record as stating that Fukushima killing the Pacific is part of their business strategy.

MT. PLEASANT, UT–(Marketwired – May 19, 2016) –  Green PolkaDot Box (OTC PINK: GPDB) (or “the Company”) announced today the execution of Purchase Agreement for Day Boat Seafood LLC. Day Boat is a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fishery and PRIMARY PRODUCER of wild caught seafood in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, specializing in swordfish. Additional boats harvest yellowfin tuna, big eye tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper, grouper, golden tilefish, pompano, mackerel, golden crabs, shrimp, stone crabs, and lobster.

Day Boat profitably operates 14 “long line” vessels and manages six more, providing a year-round supply of millions of pounds of fresh wild caught seafood to customers such as, Gorton’s Seafood, Fulton Market (NY), Whole Foods Markets Global, Wegmans, Seattle Fish, Wakefern Grocery, and other national grocery stores chains through its network of wholesale distributors.
The Day Boat acquisition is the first of many contemplated by GPDB in essential CLEAN food production and processing categories; the first step in the Company’s plan to become vertically integrated in sourcing and processing of CLEAN foods.

“The anticipated purchase of Day Boat will give our Company several competitive advantages,” says GPDB CEO Rod Smith. “First, it gives us the ability to control our supply, to source millions of pounds of wild caught seafood in the most popular varieties. Second, direct sourcing will allow for improved margins on sales. Third, and most importantly, our online Health Merchants™ and the 45 million consumers they serve will enjoy the highest quality se
afood at special value pricing, including free home delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.”

Controlling the supply of seafood for millions of potential GPDB customers is a strategic necessity, afforded only through vertical integration. The average adult over 45 years old and living in the United States consumes seafood 3-4 times, monthly. Yet, because of the nuclear disasters in Japan and radioactive contamination spreading through the Pacific Ocean, vast species of fish and plant life are being adversely affected and are undesirable for human consumption. The best quality, wild caught seafood from the Atlantic and Caribbean is part of a well-managed sustainable but limited supply. This acquisition by GPDB is a critical move to ensure consistent access to popular high quality, sustainable-sourced seafood at the very best value for its customers.

and here is a website to keep an eye on

Canada will allow GMO Salmon and NOT require any labelling
Health Canada said they would not require any labeling on GMO salmon.
Ruth Salmon, the executive director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, said because labelling is not required, consumers who oppose the genetically modified fish won't know what they are buying.
"It's a concern about confusing the consumer, for sure, because I think labelling allows that kind of clarity. So we'll look at other ways of trying to create that consumer information because that's important to us. ”


  1. the red highlight makes it very hard to read. use yellow.

  2. Can the public figure out that a dead Pacific means an active Atlantic fishing industry, though the Atlantic is just as polluted with radiation.

    1. Every ocean is contaminated from Fukishima. The Atlantic also has Indian Point leaking into it.

  3. "...vast species of fish and plant life are being adversely affected..."

    And, humans are a species that are not being adversely affected?

    Professionally short-sighted, yes?


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