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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

War on Solar -- Headed by the Nuclear Cartel

I have long wanted to do an extensive investigation and article on the "War on Solar".

Being in the business since 1995, the evolution of things is obvious to me.    As is the War on Solar.

When I have time (good luck on that) I will expand this War on Solar concept with my own observations.    For now, let it be known that it is real, and it is real damaging to society, to real people, the war on solar that is.

Over the last few years, solar PV has gotten cheap. Cheap enough to start impacting some commodity energy markets today. Cheap enough that with continued progress, but no breakthroughs, it might alter the global outlook for energy supply within a decade.

I have long been skeptical of solar hype. In 2008 we did an expert judgment exercise suggesting only even odds of getting to module prices of $0.30 per watt in 2030. In 2011 we did some analysis showing how the power-law learning curve for modules appeared to be flattening. That analysis was done at the end of a decade that saw big increases in installed capacity, with little corresponding change in module prices.

I worried that deployment incentives (the global total amounting to many hundreds of billions of dollars over the past decade) would simply lock in the current technologies and do little to drive the breakthroughs that were needed to get solar cheap enough to compete for commodity power.

I was wrong.


  1. Nuclear isn't at war with solar from my pov. It's a very niche area where it can only be deployed under heavily regulated environments. However having seen it first hand, it's amazing the laws of physics allow such intense energy recovery. It's the intense recovery that peoplease have either positives and negatives. While technologists like myself utilize the science and develop the engineered, systems, those without my skills et use propaganda in a disinformation campaign. While I was properly trained in an ABET accredited program specific to nuclear science and engineering, those that are self taught and uncredentialed promote fear with propaganda veiled under ECRR. I smelled the rats and they are at the farm.

    1. Solar and gas are two of nuclear's biggest fears. Of course there is a war against solar.

      Look at all the paid trolls taking pot shots at solar wherever they can. A real competitor is to be feared.

      Sorry have gone to the darkside.

  2. Was i ever wrong about Solar power North of the Arctic Circle!

    Quote: "Locations along the Hudson Bay coast in the Kivalliq region receive the highest amount of solar energy in Nunavut. The amount of solar energy that reaches coastal areas of the Kivalliq region is comparable to the amount of solar energy that reaches southern Quebec, much of Ontario, and the Maritimes."

    :) Good day, :) Sunshine! :) Good day, :) Sunshine! :) Goood day, :) Sunshine! :) err.rrp!!

    Ruh, roh! Looks like they spiked the kool-aid! SMuRf it!

    Quote: "Like large-scale nuclear reactors, small-scale nuclear reactors have potential for problems that may lead to environmental and health risks. Environmental and health risks of radioactive leaks, the transportation of radioactive materials, and the safe operation and decommissioning are issues that have been raised relating to nuclear power generation.

    Small-scale nuclear reactors are currently operating in Bilibino, Siberia (Russia). Four reactors supply power to the remote community of 4,500 residents."

    Odd ...

    Quote: "Colville Lake, high in a corner of the Northwest Territories, has successfully tested a system of batteries and solar panels that should allow the community to run entirely on the sun’s energy, at least in the summer."

    Here's a pro-"nukular" rag that Erik might like (although he might find the topic a pain in the Arsinide! :lolz):

    Quote: "New solar cell breaks efficiency records, turns 34% of light into 'leccy"

    Quote: "The solar cells in Rosetta’s solar panels are based on a completely new technology, so-called Low-intensity Low Temperature Cells. Thanks to them, Rosetta is the first space mission to journey beyond the main asteroid belt relying solely on solar cells for power generation. Previous deep-space missions used nuclear RTGs, radioisotope thermal generators. The new solar cells allow Rosetta to operate over 800 million kilometres from the Sun, where levels of sunlight are only 4% those on Earth. The technology will be available for future deep-space, such as ESA’s upcoming Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer."

    "Nukular" powers new theme song, performed by The Nylons -

    ... na na na na, na na na na; Hey hey hey, Goodbye!!! XOXOXO trollie.

    1. Solar-powered Juno is less than 38 days away from Jupiter.

      ... na na na na, na na na na; Hey hey hey, Goodbye!!!


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