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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Clinton, Kissinger, and Radioactive Food From Japan, an Unholy Alliance Poisoning America

Dumping Radioactive Food from Japan on the World-Why the TPP is a Pending Disaster

Hillary Clinton set this up in 2011, after her discussion with Kissinger, and trip to Japan.  The trip was necessary to say things that could only be said one on one.

What did Kissinger tell her to get from the deal?   What do you think the deal was?

1) Japan agreed to keep the "In Japan nuclear weapon program" secret, and pretend to "give back" some 600 pounds of plutonium to USA 

2) Japan agreed to let USA place first strike nuclear weapons in Japan for a pre-emptive attack on China or Russia

3) Japan agreed to stop belly aching about US bases in Japan, and agreed to pay a fee for their "protection money"

4) Japan agreed to support the Core NWO lies about Global Warming and Carbon Tax, and the Transpacific Trade Partnership.    It is essential to get USA and Japan on board for the One World Government.

Just what exactly do you think Kissinger told Hillary Clinton to get from Japan in return for agreeing that USA would purchase all their radioactive food, without testing?   


The reality is that the truth of the Japan Radioactive Food Deal is so lurid, so disgusting, that Clinton failed to produce any Fukushima related emails to the State Department investigation.    Under penalty of jail time, Clinton withheld all the Fukushima Deal emails after a certain turning point in which her "people" urged her to go to Japan regardless of her being super tired and overworked, and urged her to "talk to Kissinger".  


  1. Kev Blanch has been on this since the beginning. Flying Cuttlefish Blog was posting hatrick penry plumegate emails since they were foia'd. You did too NukePro... We cannot let TPP stand, it is legalising slavery and nuke proliferation.

    1. Blanch is about as whacked as they come. Hes an angry man, mad at the wrong people.

    2. its called righteous indignation... You are the "whacked" person pretending that you have invented some way to deal with the waste... same ol lies from the era BEFORE they even discovered DNA.

    3. Kevin Blanch is a hero and a very smart, very well educated person. He is mad because nuclear killed his father and nearly killed him. Leukemia is nuclear. Watch Kevin Blanch on Youtube to learn some TRUTH.
      Ban Reactors Forever
      Death Sentences for Criminal Nukers

    4. Yep I call it "Going Full Tilt Blanch"

  2. Hillary Clinton is a maniac ... in her own words (via e-mails)


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