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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The NWO Effort Has Been Around Since Kennedy, In 1963 At The Height of Nuclear Bomb Tests, Food Became Dangerous

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A reader brought to my attention this "CODEX" of International Food Standards.

Note that they were formed in 1963 by the World Health Organization, which is controlled by the International Atomic Energy Association.

They are also controlled by the United Nations.

Thus, this organization was formed by the WHO, and controlled by the nuclear cartel, the IAEA.    It is also controlled by the UN which is now just basically a tool of the "Globalists".   Even Obama is openly and often using the term "Globalist".   The term "New World Order" which Soros mistakenly, in his doddering old age, trotted out a bit too directly and too soon and scared a lot of people.    So they backed off a bit, and then came back if force, now openly operating under the "Globalist" theme, and the "inclusive" meme.

1963 was the year of the height of the open air testing of nuclear bombs, it was also the year that
Kennedy was famously filmed trying to expose the puppet string pullers behind the scenes, the "secret societies" that try to control our world.     It was also the year that I was born, and that Kennedy was murdered.     It is interesting that the primary site hosting the Kennedy secret society speech now "does not exist".

I found it again, below

  Before the age of two, I almost died twice from respiratory problems.     Radiation, especially in air, causes respiratory problems.   Nuclear almost did me in, but I jousted back as best I could, not understanding my true enemy at the time of course, just trying to live.

So this Nuclear Cartel, or Radiation Cartel, if you wish, has been pulling diabolical strings for quite some time.     And they care not if we eat radioactive products, in fact, it is a way for them to get rid of things that are expensive to get rid of.   They downblend radiation and heavy metal toxins into our food stream.   Seriously.

Exposing truth does not make many fans, I only have 119 followers.    But we are at the cusp of a NWO jack boot on your neck forever, in an increasingly toxic environment.    Expose this reality to your friends, family, neighbors.    Some will think you are a wacko, some will ridicule you.   Maybe someday, they will also say "I knew that all along".

Thus the earth is won or lost, as the greedy, power hungry 3 pound Monkey brained sociopaths that be do their best to control everything, at the cost of everything, even to them.    
Here is a video showing all the open air  nuclear bomb tests up until the "ban"


  1. Greetings from lobster town usa. Even a jet set nukist has to take some r&r.

    It wasnt radiation that mandated food standards and safety. In fact the iaea instituted a program back then to sterilize bacteria in food by high rad doses. The practice keeps disease off food even today. Its instructive to note JFK came to Idaho and toured EBR-I. There is a pic of him, Jackie, and Walter Zinn in our history museum. You realize with the Cold War, IFR burner reactors and MSR development was held back due to Shaw-Rickover. Think if these walk away reactors were deployed today. China is going forward. As will the rest of the rational world.

  2. Radiation from burning fossil fuels (tramp uranium and thorium) goes unchecked and people like you like to pin it on nuclear, which was shown to be benign.

    Galactic protons interacting with nitrogen and oxygen create gamma and xrays that rain down on us at 10,000 times any nuclear emission and you and your ilk want to pin it on nuclear. Thats ridiculous. A graduate nuclear science and engineering education allows me to understand this subject matter on a much deeper level than your NWO consiracy theorists.

    You know nuclear has saved billions of lives since the end of WWII. Thats a fact since the planet population has grown 7 fold since then.

    If nuclear almost killed you then im surprised you are still alive given all the chemical carcinogens in the air that are much more intense than nuclear. Its about fluence. The TATAL is a lie because humanity thrives.

    So tge antinuclear propaganda machine is no match for the real knowledge one obtains in study and experience.

  3. to nukePro,
    no doubt LOOSE - is a troll........defined as a satanically possessed demon...
    no need to waste time and energy to reply to a troll...

    1. I think his lies play into our hands...he is funny isn't he?

    2. Lucy never revisits his cow pies so he doesn't know he was outed as a PR operative all this time.


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