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Sunday, June 5, 2016

United Nations, Puppet of the NWO Sociopaths, Says Food is Becoming Toxic Due to Climate Change

Sheesh, they ignore radiation, heavy metals, GMO, pesticides, herbicides, GE food, irradiation.

And they propose more Genetic Modification to solve the problem.

How about less people in deserts?

stock out.....appreciate all your comments, please leave one today, and or a link to similar topics on food.

Food is becoming more toxic - and extreme weather is to blame According to a report, crops are generating potential toxins to protect themselves from extreme weather.


  1. OT/ have you seen all the activity down by NZ this week?

    1. Cool I made an article and included the recent Mexico quakes

  2. "East is West, left is right. Up is down and black is white. Inside-out, wrong is right. It's back to front and I'm all uptight."
    (Back to Front - The Kinks)

    Vitamins are toxins. Read more in the Codex Alimentarius


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