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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Whales Continue to Be Decimated -- The Ocean Food Chain Is Disrupted

Per CodeShutdown

The other whales, a few weeks earlier

A second deceased whale about the same size was spotted over the weekend floating off shore. That carcass is breaking apart in the water.

Dead Humpback Washes Up on Block Island
The whale washed up sometime overnight on North Mansion Beach

2 Dead Whales Wash Up on Long Island

A True’s beaked whale was also recovered Tuesday from a beach in Westhampton
The incidents came eight weeks after a humpback whale carcass washed up near the Wilderness Visitors Center west of Smith Point County Park on FI
North Atlantic right whale calf found dead off Cape Cod

There are an estimated 500 North Atlantic right whales left. But we are humans, so we dont really care that much…

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