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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Flouride Gate: Flouride Is A Nuclear/Industrial By Product That Is Very Expensive to Dispose Of

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So how to "get rid" of this nuclear byproduct?    Put it into municipal drinking water at "low levels"

Downblending is becoming more and more "popular".    But when you have 100 toxins entering your water, air, and food everyday....and non are at toxic levels, but combined....we are all sick, fat, and cancerous.    Time to wake up, before corporate and governmental idiocracy kills us all. 

stock here:  What follows is a blatant plagarism from a reader.   trump that.

It's a lovely banana republic we call America, wherein comes news that contradicts
decades of official assurances that water fluoridation is safe and effective. It seems that some black folk got uppity when they noticed new science saying they were disproportionately harmed by fluoridation in relation to the rest of the population. It really bent the CDC dental office when it learned that Andrew Young, one of Martin Luther King's closest associates, was asking questions and taking names. That sent them off in a tizzy to the trade org that sets standards for the dental industry. What standards; what assurances? It turns out that the library of CDC and ADA studies showing safety and effectiveness is scant to non-existent. "Oh no! What to do?", cried the emails passing between Atlanta and Chicago.

This month marks the fifth year since the City of Fairbanks, heeding the call of its residents, turned off the fluoride pumps. Sixty years of running down a cold trail; affected DNA will require years to recover but at least the mistake was corrected. Anchorage has yet to awake from its stupor, where it dumps tons of microbe-killing poison into the watershed before finally taking residence in beluga whale and salmon habitat. If you know Anchorage folks who ought to be paying attention, turn their heads north. Gently. One of the symptoms of fluoride exposure is muscular stiffness.
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  1. Thank you for helping to educate people about this topic. This is one more example of far too many 'slow kill' practices inflicted upon an unsuspecting public. Its well past time for all of us to wake up to the facts and see to it that the entities responsible are held accountable for their criminal actions against humanity.

  2. Thank you for helping to raise awareness about this - time that we all know the truth and stop allowing ourselves to be genocided on some oligarchical ' slow kill' agenda


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