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Monday, July 25, 2016

Reflections on the Toxic Environment Mankind Is Creating On Earth

 Per "GOM" at ENENEWS-----

What is "human"?
The world has changed, because we caused it to change, but WE haven’t changed one bit. If anything, we’re stupider, dumber and less learned then those who existed before us. We’re more callous, arrogant, indifferent and out of touch with each other then ever before. We’re better “informed”, but strangely, indifferent.

We understand almost nothing about the real world that exists outside of our cubicles and our office chairs. Beyond the city limits is the great unknown, that dirty, cold and brutal world we are desperately trying to enslave and master for our own exclusive use. We’re surrounded by shiny toys and distracting baubles to keep us from really thinking, but we’re really only being diminished as being truly human.

We’re entirely dependent now upon this vast social and technological infrastructure we have created, which makes us terribly vulnerable now as a species. We’re in a very dangerous place, but the warnings are being repeatedly ignored.

It is the lack of understanding the interconnections of all life forms on earth to human populations that will ultimately, destroy our species. If other forms of life cannot live here because of our excessive ways, our arrogance and indifference, then neither can we. Once we have irradiated the soils, polluted the atmosphere and the water, destroyed all forms of plant and animal life, all in the fools quest to “have it all”…

What then?

GOM well said, but what shall you do now? Can you help tip it? Obewan seems to think we have 500 years before all is gone.   Methinks it could be as short as 50 years.

Keep in mind all this happening as the so called EPA is trying to raise "allowable" radiation in drinking water to be HUNDREDS of times higher than it is now.

And as Fisherman again begin plying the waters of Fukushima.   But they say "we are testing everything and finding nothing".   Ya right.

Then you have others that partly recognize the problem, and then attack it in exactly the wrong way.   this from the Guardian, often a vacuous mouthpiece of UK goofiness

The only solution left to us is to change our behaviour, radically and globally, on every level. In short, we urgently need to consume less. A lot less. Radically less. And we need to conserve more. A lot more. To accomplish such a radical change in behaviour would also need radical government action. But as far as this kind of change is concerned, politicians are currently part of the problem, not part of the solution, because the decisions that need to be taken to implement significant behaviour change inevitably make politicians very unpopular – as they are all too aware.

stock here.    The earth would be better off with less people.   And the ones that are breeding like rabbits are effectively causing a "de-evolution".    But we don't need "less of everything".   We need to reign in all of the corrupt cartels, eliminate insane industries like nuclear.

And speaking of energy, we need more of it, not less.   Energy improves lives.   We have all the energy we need, from the sun, PV solar electric.  Its a no-brainer, and its now cheap, maybe only Hydro is cheaper at this time.    And speaking of Hydro, I created a saying "fuck the frogs".    Sorry, we are damaging the environment in many ways, but stopping a Hydro project for some small and rare frog or toad species is stupid.     Hydro is a great complement to solar.  Power our houses and businesses with solar in the day, and don't run the Hydro....lets the water and pressure build up until the sun is down, then let it flow.     


"Gina McCarthy Says “Let Them Drink Radioactive Water 100s and 1000s of Times the Legal Limit or Dehydrate”
>> “Given this monstrous proposal, it unclear what lessons EPA learned from the contaminated water calamity of Flint, Michigan,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch"
" US EPA Pushing Huge Hike In Drinking Water Radioactivity "

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